Why Should I Use A Nanny Agency to Find a Nanny Position?

Many professional childcare workers know how difficult it can be reaching out to families for work and finding one that is just the right fit for everyone’s needs. A great way to make sure your professional, financial, and personal needs are met is by working with an agency.

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency offers nannies an amazing completely FREE of charge service. Unlike many believe, there are no fees placed upon the nannies that work for our agency. When you meet with us, we make sure to really listen to what you are looking for and exactly what we can do to exceed your expectations. If you would like to, you can get the process started easily in just a few easy steps.

First, you can start by filling out an application on our website http://www.charlottesbestnanny.com/openings

Next, you would meet with one of our Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency placement specialist and have a face-to-face interview where we will build you a nanny profile. We will check your references and do an online and social media search for each candidate. We will then proceed to send your profile out to potential families that best meet your needs. You then will receive an interview request to interview with the families face to face. Once a family decides to move forward and make you an offer we run your complete background check and your job offer is contingent on that coming back clear. We also ensure that there is a contract signed by both parties agreeing to all of the terms of placement.

Our agency does our best to make finding families that fit your needs easy and worry-free. You will be paid directly by the family, a set amount agreed upon by you and your family. Your pay will be paid by W-2 with taxes taken out. 

Working with an agency takes a lot of the stress of finding a new position off of your shoulders. We are always looking for new nannies, babysitters and domestic workers and if you are interested in working with us we would love to hear from you!

-Written by Elizabeth


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