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 Welcome Families, to Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency! We are dedicated to providing you with outstanding professional nannies in the Charlotte Metro Area and Carolinas. We provide Live-In, Full-Time, Part-Time, and Temporary Nannies, House Managers, Personal Assistants and domestic staff for all your family’s needs. We also have pre-screened night, weekend, and special event babysitters available.

Owners of Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency
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We are excited that you have decided to partner with our nanny and domestic placement agency. Our goal is to showcase the best nanny and domestic candidates available in Charlotte and around the Carolinas. We want each family to have trust and confidence in our service, as every placement is treated as if we were making the placement for our very own family. As parents, it is very important that all parents hire the best possible Nanny and Domestic Staff  their unique needs. We want you to LOVE your nanny or domestic employee and have them become an integral part of your family. Here at Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency, we take pride in being extremely thorough and proactive in our recruiting efforts. We strive to provide the best placement experience for families and nannies. Over the past 9 plus years, we have been able to build our nanny and domestic placement agency on a solid foundation of integrity, backed by our solid reputation around the Carolinas. We strive to provide the best Nanny, Babysitting, and Domestic Placements in Charlotte and the Carolinas. We look forward to continuing to provide you and all of our clients the best possible nanny or domestic placement experience.

Please fill out the application below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

Family Application
Keep in mind it can take 2 - 8 weeks to complete the whole placement process.
We have 5 hour minimums for our nannies. They must be employed for 5 hours each day/time they work. We also do not take on placements where family's need a nanny to work under 25 hours a week (as these positions are very hard to place. We suggest adding House Management hours if needed). Unfortunately, we are not able to place split shift nannies at this time.
Typical light household duties include: The children’s laundry and changing their sheets weekly, prepping the children’s food and feeding the children, washing or putting away dishes, etc., sanitizing bottles, toys, and surfaces, stock diapers and other items, and emptying diaper pail as needed. (Nannies do not perform any heavy house cleaning duties)
Average hourly pay in Charlotte and the Carolinas is $18.00 - $25.00 per hour. We require all nannies and domestic staff to be paid legally by W-2 payment. 1099's are illegal in the industry. And nannies and domestic employees must be paid time and a half for hours worked over 40 hours in one work week (please calculate hourly rate accordingly). For your convenience we have partnered with nanny and domestic payroll companies to help you facilitate paying your nanny and domestic employee legally. This will ensure all parties are tax compliant. *Please note that we do not provide tax or legal advice. Please reach out to a payroll service, your accountant, or attorney, to go over tax compliance.*
All Nannies and Domestic Candidates we place require the following minimum benefits: two weeks of paid time off, paid major holidays, continued pay while family is away, and paid mileage (Driving on the job, not to and from work) or nanny car to drive on the job, and a annual performance based bonus. Health benefit or stipend and 401 k are optional benefits.
Sign on bonuses are not required, but a benefit in securing a nanny or domestic professional in a competitive market.
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Price: $ 250.00
Non-Refundable Registration Fee *Please note there is an additional placement fee invoiced, in addition to the registration, once you find a candidate and hire them. Please refer to our Fees page at www.charlottesbestnanny.com/fees to see our current fees. If you have any questions please call 980-292-1045 Ext 1

Below you will find more information on our placement process and how we can best help you find your next nanny, babysitter or domestic employee.

The Process

To apply, you will fill out an application above. Then pay a 250.00 non-refundable registration fee. (This covers the background check and administrative costs to conduct your search), we will then email you a family agreement for you to read over and e-sign if you agree. (This agreement goes over the terms and conditions of the placement.)

After we receive your application, we will call you within 24 hours to set up an in person, or phone meeting. (It is up to the family what they are more comfortable with)

We will discuss your families individual nanny and/or domestic needs. Then we will build a  job description for you, and post it on our website. 

At this point the placement process begins and we will start to send you nanny or domestic candidate profiles to review that best meet your needs.

Next your family will interview candidates that you are interested in interviewing. (we do not have a cap on the number of nannies you can interview) Then determine which nanny would be a great fit for your family. 

Following the interview, the family will then notify Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency of which nanny they would like to move forward with. Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency will then provide a copy of the nannies reference sheet, and full background check report for your review. You are encouraged to call all references yourself, and we do the most extensive nationwide background checks in the industry. 

Once you are satisfied with the references and background check you will notify   Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency and we provide you a blank nanny contract template to use if you desire to use, you will then fill the template out and send it to the agency and we will send it out for e-signature. 

We will also send you a document with guidance on paying your nanny. All of our nannies make between $18.00 and $22.00 per hour depending on their expertise and experience.  (their profile will give you a guide of what they are looking to make).

Once every step is complete the agency will invoice the family for the placement fee. From here you would directly employ the nanny and pay them the agreed upon rate and benefits. 

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency Offers Continuing Support for all Families for the whole duration of the placement wether its a 6 month placement or 10 year placement. 

All Long-Term Placements Come With Our Amazing 12-month Replacement Search Guarantee!

   Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency offers a replacement search guarantee for all long-term placements for the first 12 months. This is not a money back guarantee, but means we will do a replacement search one time FREE of charge within the first 12 months. This is one of the longest and strongest guarantees in the nanny placement industry. We are able to offer this guarantee because we believe in the quality and extensive pre-screening process that comes with our placements. 

Back-Up Care

Your next question may be “So what do I do if my nanny is sick or going on vacation, and is not able to work?” At Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency we have you covered!

We offer a backup nanny service to our clients, where we will send a fully pre-screened back-up nanny to your home in your nanny’s absence. Our backup placement fee is charged at the $25.00/$50.00 rate (depending on more or less 24 hours). The family is then responsible for paying the back up nanny directly at $20.00 dollars plus an hour, depending on the amount of children. You will also be required to pay your backup nanny directly at $20.00 dollars plus  an hour depending on the amount of children.

Our Promise To You

That we will provide you with the best Nannies, Sitters, House Managers, Personal Assistants, and Domestic staff in the area that are always 100% pre-screened. All placements come with a one year guarantee. (Unless it is a temporary nanny).

All of Our Domestic Candidates Are….

*Pre-Screened: Including an in-person one on one interview with a placement specialist. National County by County Criminal and Civil Background Check, Driving Record Check, Social Security Verification, and Sexual Offender Registry Check.
*CPR/AED and First Aid Certified
* Have at least one-year prior nanny or domestic staffing experience, or have taken childcare education courses (Most of our Nannies on Average have 3-5 years experience)
* Have reliable transportation
* Are ready to sign a contract and commit long-term

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