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About Our Nanny & Domestic Placement Agency:

Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency Owners
The Miller Family. The Owners of Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency.                  Erika Michelle Photography

Welcome to Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency. Our Carolina nanny agency was born with one thing in mind, to provide the absolute best nanny and domestic care for your home and children in Charlotte and the Carolinas. We extend our personal touch in caring for our nannies, domestic candidates, and families therefore always yielding quality results by finding the BEST care for your children. Whether you are a family or a nanny or domestic candidate we equally have the best interest of each of our clients and candidates in mind.

Our method is simple: To provide expert nanny and domestic placements in Charlotte and around the Carolinas. We are a local placement firm that invest time in personally getting to know the nannies and domestic staff we work with, through in-person interviews.

Emily Miller the CEO of Charlotte’s Best Nanny worked as a Babysitter, Nanny and House Manager for 16 plus years, has placed nannies for 7 plus years now. Emily and Joshua (co-founders of Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency) are parents who have hired and managed a nanny. Therefore, we truly understand the importance of what a well rounded and qualified nanny or domestic employee can bring to a family. A nanny is so much more than just someone to keep the kids alive, they also help your children grow and flourish. We work for all parties to ensure our placements are top notch and we are making the best  match possible.

Our unique process brings the absolute best talent to the best families in Charlotte and the Carolinas.


Our goal is to lessen the stress on families, by locating, researching, pre-screening, and fully-vetting Nannies and Domestic Staff. We provide the insights, facts, and knowledge to help families make the BEST hiring decisions. Most importantly we give peace of mind, and our hope is to give families more time to just be a family.


RESPECT:  We find VALUE in ALL people – People FIRST, all of the time.


INTEGRITY:  We DO what is RIGHT – All of the time. This is non-negotiable!


COMMUNITY: We HELP – Every chance we get.



We VALUE people, do what is RIGHT, and HELP our COMMUNITY along the way.

There are many online care sources, sites, and apps, that you can use to obtain home, childcare or nanny services; however, nothing will replace the human element in what we do every day. Our vetting process is one of the toughest in the industry. We never cut corners when vetting each candidate that comes across our desk.

At the end of the day integrity is the cornerstone of every nanny & domestic placement that we make!

We look forward to providing the best nannies for the best families in Charlotte and across the Carolinas.

From our family to yours!

All Of Our Best,

The Miller Family – Nanny & Domestic Staffing Experts

Carolina Natives & Founders of Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency

Proud Members of APNA, INA, & DEMA

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency



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