For the past 10 years and counting, Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency™ has been dedicated to placing professional nannies in the Charlotte Metro Area, and all areas in the Carolinas. With a combined 30 plus years of experience in different aspects of the Nanny, Domestic, and childcare industry, our team is dedicated to making quality placements in the nanny and domestic placement industry. We are passionate about providing the best nanny placements possible and advocating for nannies and domestic workers. Our team knows the value of your work and truly cares about your success in your position and career.  The team works tirelessly day in and day out to ensure that each nanny or domestic candidate placed is placed with the very best family for them. At Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency™ we require families to pay legally (By W-2 payment, 1099’s are illegal in the industry), offer standard nanny benefits, and have a work agreement in place before a nanny starts a position. We do this to set everything up for success to help do everything we can to ensure a long-term placement for both Nanny and family.

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency™ was founded by Emily Miller, a former Nanny and House Manager,  who knows the importance of making a great match not only for the families, but for nannies as well. The team also consists of former childcare workers, nannies, parents, foster parents, and individuals who care about quality childcare placements. We value each nanny we work with and only place the best of the best nannies in Charlotte and the Carolinas. We are dedicated to professionalism and are members of APNA and INA. These organizations enable us to stay up to date on the industry as a whole, so we can continue to make quality placements, and meet current industry standards.

Emily and Frances

Continuing Education Opportunities

It is our team’s mission to encourage and support nannies to be able to thrive and grow in their careers for years to come. Therefore, we offer FREE to low cost continuing education opportunities throughout the year. We host our Donuts and Discussions trainings periodically throughout the year, and have offered International Nanny Training Day Charlotte for FREE for 4 years and counting. The agency requires all nannies to be CPR/First Aid certified before they start a position, so we have partnered with a local CPR company to offer CPR/AED/First Aid certification at a discounted rate.

Nanny Community Support 

Our team also knows that sometimes working as a nanny can mean that you do not get to see and meet other nannies often. Our agency has worked to solve this by hosting nanny meetups and playdates for nannies to be able to make other nanny connections and to network with each other.

Continued Support

Although nannies never work directly for Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency (Nannies are direct employees of the family), our team is here to support and advocate for you 100% (and to cheer you on), as you navigate the placement process and throughout your career.

Nanny Application

To apply go to our openings page and fill out a application:

The Placement Process

Submit an Application: First step will be to fill out a complete application on our openings page. Nannies NEVER pay any fees, and our referral services are offered completely FREE of charge.

Interview Request: You will then receive a call from our agency as soon as we review your application. We will ask a few questions to ensure you meet the expectations of the agency and clients we work with. We will then set up a prescreening, one on one  interview (We never do group interviews) with a placement specialist. We will also send you a request via email to submit the required documents to our system, that we need for your file.

Interview: During your interview with Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency™, we will discuss your experience and needs for a new position, and get to know you better. *Interviews are by appointment only, we will call or email you to schedule. No walk-ins accepted.*

Profile Creation: Then we will create a custom profile to present to the families you are interested in and meet their needs.

Referral Agreement: We will then send you a candidate referral agreement to read over and sign if you agree. 

Reference Check: Once you have completed a successful pre-screening interview, we will call three of your professional references and write a reference report. We will only share this report with the hiring family, and allow them to call as well, after a contingent offer is made. (Your references will not have multiple families calling them. Just a call from the agency, then the hiring family.

Referral Process will Begin: At this point, we are able to send your profile out to families that you are interested in, and that you could be a great match for. We ask that you notify us of any positions you would like to be considered for during the placement process. The family’s we send your profile to will then review your profile, and determine if they want to request an interview.

Interview with the family: If the family requests to interview with you, we will contact you to set up an Zoom interview between you and the family first. If the Zoom interview goes well, we will then coordinate an in-person nanny interview (typically at the family’s home, sometimes at a public place). After the interview process is complete, you will follow up with Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency™ with your feedback, and let us know if  you feel it is a good fit. The family will then follow up with us as well, give us their feedback, and let us know if they want to move forward.

Job Offer: If the family would like to move forward with you, then we will extend a contingent offer (Contingent on the clients review of your reference report and background check report).

Background Check: We will then send you a request to run your background check, once signed, we will then proceed to run your background check. When the check is complete, we will provide the results to the family.

Nanny Work Agreement: To finalize your placement, you will be presented with a nanny work agreement to read over and sign if you agree to the terms of employment. The family has an option to use their own agreement, or a nanny agreement template that has been developed by Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency™. This agreement is signed strictly between the nanny and the family. The family is the sole employer of the nanny they hire. The agency never employs nannies at any point, we are just a referral source. The work agreement includes hours, pay, benefits, expectations, terms for termination, and more. The agreement also has a written in 30-day termination agreement, for instances when a family has to let go of a nanny without cause, or a nanny needs to leave a position earlier than the end date agreed upon at the start of employment. This just means if a family lets you go not for cause, then they would give you a 30-day notice, or 30 days of pay. Or, you would give them a 30-day notice, if you had to leave at any point. This is a protection for you and the family. Of course, if you need to leave your position due to a safety concern or other reason where you can not work a 30 day notice, that can be worked out as well between you and your family. North and South Carolina are both right to work states.

Working for the family: Once an agreement is signed, we will exchange contact information. At that point, you will be all set to start working with your new family, hopefully work for them for many years to come after that.

Continued Support: Once you start working with a family, Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency™ will be here to support you every step of the way through your position. Although we are not your employer, if you need any guidance or advice please feel free to call us with any questions, concerns, or advice throughout your tenure with the family. We are here to support you in any way whenever needed. We also offer training classes and  nanny meetups to all nannies in the Area.

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency


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