Birth Doula


Sage Mama Doula

Sage Mama Doula provides support to mothers in our community before, during, and after the birth of your children. Sarah Cowherd (CD) DTI, is a top choice of families in the Charlotte area for compassionate care and doula support.


Concierge Pediatrician 

Signature Pediatrics

Signature Pediatrics is the first and only concierge pediatric practice in the Charlotte. They are partnered with Signature Healthcare, the premier concierge medical practice in the Carolinas, providing executive level care since 2003. They offer 24/7 access 365 days a year, minimal to zero wait times, same day appointments and ‘virtual visits’ via video chat or phone. They have a very low patient-to-doctor ratio which allows them more time to address all aspects of your healthcare personally, providing thorough, unhurried doctor visits on prevention and wellness for your child. Not only that, they also offer comprehensive in-office services including X-ray, IV medications and fluids, labs and travel medicine.

Cycling and Barre Studio

First Wind Cycling & Fitness

First Wind Cycling

First Wind classes are unique and diverse from barre workouts to circuit training to cycling to unique mash-ups combining a variety of class types.  Our cycling classes, different from any other indoor cycling classes/spin classes in Charlotte, are led on RealRyder Indoor Cycles that tilt and lean giving the fluid sensation of an outdoor bike allowing you to achieve a full body workout and burn 20% more calories than you would on a traditional stationary indoor bike.

Personal Training 

AMC Elite Fitness LLC

Marcus focuses on bringing personal training sessions directly to men and women in the Charlotte Metro Area. AMC Elite Fitness services are simple. Each client can expect the following from AMC Elite Fitness, no membership fees, the client only pays for the service, a front door service, a INBODY analysis unmatched body composition assessment test that includes; ( your water levels, muscle & fat location, BMI, BFP, visceral fats levels, body fat mass, basal metabolic rate and dry lean mass. After that’s complete a series of fitness level test is conducted to understand where the individual is physically and cardiovascular. What’s unique about AMC Elite Fitness is that we bring all the services to you. AMC Elite Fitness understands your time is valuable.

Call for a free no-obligation consultation today at 704-650-7316.

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Prenatal Massage, and Events for Mother’s and Babies

Bellies and Babies

Bellies + Babies

Bellies + Babies is a forward-thinking business, reaching women. They are changing the conversations surrounding birth, conception, and motherhood through education, community, and professional connections. Bellies + Babies aim to be an inspirational force in a world where women are free to make their own choices for their own lives, starting with the expectations set upon women during and after pregnancy.

Promotional Products 

Mountain Island Promotions

Mountain Island Promotions is a locally owned and operated promotional product company servicing the Charlotte Metro Area. Mountain Island Promotions specializes in providing their customers with over a million promotional products to put your logo on. They will put your mark on anything!