Community Resources for Parents


  Birth Doula

Sage Mama Doula

                                               Sage Mama Doula provides support to mothers in our community before, during, and after the birth of your children. Sarah Cowherd (CD) DTI, is a top choice of families in the Charlotte area for compassionate care and doula support.


Premier Gynecology

Dr. Elizabeth Moran owns Premier Wellness and Gynecology that specializes in wellness and preventative gynecological care for adolescents and adult women. She does not currently offer OB care, but is a fantastic, personable gynecologist. She has created a independent practice that makes you feel welcome, relaxed, and to feel that your needs are important and heard. She is a champion of women’s health and has two children of her own. To read more about her practice read the link above.

Lice Removal Experts

Pediatric Hair Solutions

Pediatric Hair Solutions uses a method scientifically proven to eradicate lice and their eggs in one 30 minute treatment.98% of lice have developed resistance to over-the-counter and prescription treatments, resulting in an effectiveness rate as low as 20%. Unlike these products, our professional device uses controlled, heated air, to dehydrate lice eggs. You’ll leave our clinic lice free!


Pediatric House Calls 

Serving the Charlotte Metro Area, the staff at pediatric House Calls is amazing. Their company provides in home pediatric care to children and families. In-home services provided are sick and urgent care visits, healthy house calls for children 6 years of age and over, health coaching, immunizations, virtual visits, CPR training, IV fluids, sports and camp physicals, and Covid-Testing.  To learn more about this service and pricing, or to utilize their service visit: Pediatric House Calls

                                                  Dr. Kochman at Novant Health Dilworth Pediatrics

Dr. Rhonda Patt at Atrium Health Levine Children’s Charlotte Pediatric Clinic – SouthPark

Personal Training 

AMC Elite Fitness LLC

Marcus focuses on bringing personal training sessions directly to men and women in the Charlotte Metro Area. AMC Elite Fitness services are simple. Each client can expect the following from AMC Elite Fitness, no membership fees, the client only pays for the service, a front door service, a INBODY analysis unmatched body composition assessment test that includes; ( your water levels, muscle & fat location, BMI, BFP, visceral fats levels, body fat mass, basal metabolic rate and dry lean mass. After that’s complete a series of fitness level test is conducted to understand where the individual is physically and cardiovascular. What’s unique about AMC Elite Fitness is that we bring all the services to you. AMC Elite Fitness understands your time is valuable.

Call for a free no-obligation consultation today at 704-650-7316.