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     Do you need an expert babysitter for a date night? Our babysitting service in Charlotte, North Carolina is an excellent option for your family. Need a evening, date night, special events, or a weekend sitter? Then you need a professional, pre-screened babysitter you can trust. Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency offers professional babysitting placements of pre-screened sitters, at a reasonable cost to you.

Fees for Babysitting Placements

Babysitting Registration Fee: $200.00 (Billed Annually)

Placement Fees

$30.00 placement fee per day (for more than 24 hour notice)

$60.00 placement fee a day (for less than 24 hour notice)

     After you pay the annual 200.00 registration fee, the agency would charge a  daily placement fee. Babysitting Placement fees are charged at $30.00/$60.00 per day (For more or less than 24 hour notice) for a pre-screened babysitter, (placement fee paid to the Agency). The total placement fee will be invoiced to you, and is due before the sitter arrives. Once sitter arrives, the family is responsible for paying them their hourly rate directly at the end of each shift

For a FREE consultation call us at 980-292-1045. We would be happy to discuss your babysitting needs.

     All of our babysitters go through a strict pre-screening process. All babysitters are pre-screened in-person, one-on-one with Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency’s domestic talent recruiters. Sitters are CPR certified, have a clear background check, and have great references. Families will be provided the following reports on the babysitter they hire:

  • Babysitter Profile
  • Reference Checks
  • Complete Background Check (National Criminal and Civil inquiry check, Sexual Offender Registry Check, Driving Record Check, and Social Security Verification.)

The Family will pick an available babysitter to confirm, and then we will schedule the sitter to babysit at for the requested days and times.

Call us to Inquire at 980-292-1045 

Please note we are not able to take on any weekday back-up care only clients at this time. We are taking on clients who need babysitters for nights and weekends only.

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