Professional Nanny & Domestic Associations

     Nanny & Domestic Placement Associations 

As a professional nanny agency, we get questions all of the time about what makes us stand out as Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency. In addition to our thorough interview and pre-screening process, we are proud to say we are members of two professional nanny associations. Why is it important to know your nanny agency is part of professional nanny associations?  These seals show you that the nanny agency has met the criteria, are professionals in the industry, and have the highest level of ethical standards to become members of these associations. Meeting the association’s criteria gives us another way to show you that we are trustworthy professionals, with high standards in the nanny placement industry.


Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency is one of two nanny agency’s in North Carolina that are members of the APNA. As well as the only Charlotte nanny agency that are members of the APNA.

The first association we are members of is the APNA “Association of Premier Nanny Agencies”. This association is a professional nanny agency association that prides itself in only letting the best nanny agencies, that meet their very high standards join their association.  The APNA has a great page explaining why it is important to work with an APNA agency at this link The reasons are…

  1. APNA agencies have to meet the APNA’s standards and practices APNA agencies meet the highest of ethical and professional standards. Not all agencies are created equally, APNA agencies are fully vetted and evaluated before they can become APNA members. Not every agency is allowed to join. We are the only Charlotte-based APNA nanny agency, and one of two APNA agencies in the state of NC.
  2. APNA agencies also meet the APNA’s background check standards. Which include all the checks we do on nannies and domestic employees we place. For more on this visit
  3. Nanny Agencies that meet the standards above have proven to be trustworthy reliable and professional nanny agencies. You are hiring a nanny agency to help you find a nanny to watch your child. You must work with an agency who you feel is trustworthy, professional, and stands behind their work. When the APNA approved our membership, they vetted us fully through reviewing our contracts, applications, background check process, references and more and determined our agency meet their standards, and that we are part of the small group of NC’s APNA nanny agencies. This tells our families and nannies that we are a trusted source to work with in finding a nanny or a nanny position.

We are proud to join our professional nanny agency peers at the APNA across the

     Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency is also a member of the INA. We are proud to be members of the INA and be part of a group of wonderful agencies and nannies. 

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency is also a member of the INA “International Nanny Association”. This association is for nannies and nanny agencies, and professionals in the domestic staffing industry. The INA is a non-profit organization, that is a professional association for anyone in the domestic placement industry. This includes Nannies, agencies, employers, educators, payroll companies and anyone involved in the industry.

The INA has set high standards in the industry since 1985. Their goal has always been to professionalize the nanny industry. INA members have been deemed professionals in the industry and meet the highest professional standards. Whether it be a nanny, nanny agency, or payroll company the INA network provides ways for its members to network, develop professional skills and educates members on topics important in the industry. The INA also offers Nanny Skills assessment test, literature on hiring a nanny, best practices for nanny agencies and other helpful resources. We are proud to call ourselves members of the INA.

The Domestic Estate Management Association (DEMA)

The Domestic Estate Management Association (DEMA) is an international educational association for the Private Service Community. DEMA was founded in 2007 to provide a forum for Private Service Professionals and certified service vendors interested in better serving & protecting the best interests of their clients. The fundamental purpose of the association is to raise industry standards. Our members have access to local chapter meetings, educational materials, webinars and a network of individuals striving to make a difference in the industry.

DEMA provides the Private Service Community with invaluable resources to tackle everyday challenges empowering our members to ensure they protect and preserve the estates they are involved in managing.  In a few short years, DEMA membership has expanded into over 50 states and 18 countries.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide a platform for continuing education and networking opportunities in an effort to develop consistent standards in a unique and dynamic profession all while providing the highest standard of services to our Principal Employers. Our members are encouraged to operate with INTEGRITY, TRUST, CONFIDENTIALITY, AND MUTUAL RESPECT.

Vision Statement: By becoming the largest Association for Private Service Professionals in the world, our members will be able to leverage our resources to raise industry standards in the Private Service Industry.

As Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency works and networks with these organizations, we look forward to expanding our professional network and working to help professionalize the nanny industry. We look forward to continuing our relationship with all associations. Also, we hope that families and nannies take our memberships in these professional associations as a sign of our professionalism and dedication to the Nanny and Domestic Placement Industry.

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