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House Manager

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency is happy to offer House Managers for families in the Charlotte Metro Area and beyond. We pride ourselves on placing the best Full-Time and Part Time House Managers for families in Charlotte and the Carolinas. House Managers are there to help you with every aspect of your house, from scheduling to running errands. House Managers can be a great resource for busy individuals and families in Charlotte.


What is a House Manager?

     A House Manager is a individual that is trained to handle all aspects of the home. House Managers typically supervise and manage things around the home. Such as setting appointments for House repairs and maintenance, Supervising any household staff, Inventorying house and restocking things as needed, Making sure the house stays neatly organized and in a orderly fashion, Running errands, Managing bills and accounts of the home, Providing House Sitting and Pet Sitting duties and other task as assigned.

Can you tailor your House Manager’s duties to fit your needs?

     Absolutely, You can tailor your House      Managers duties to fit your needs in their formal Job Description. They can help you manage anything around your home within reason, and if they can’t do it they can manage the professional who can.

What is the difference between a Nanny and House Manager?

     The difference between a House Manager and a Nanny is, a Nanny is in your home to provide childcare to your children. A House Manager is there to manage your home and make sure your home is running properly.

Is a House Manager a House Cleaner?

     No, a House Manager and House Cleaner are two separate positions. Although your House Manager will help out with light cleaning duties such as laundry, Unloading/Loading the dishwasher, and keeping the house tidy, they do not provide deep cleaning services to your home.

Can I merge positions and have one professional be my House Manager and Nanny? 

     Yes, you can merge positions and have a Nanny that is also a House Manager. Although in this situation, you must understand one person’s limits. If you have 3 young kids that require constant care while the Nanny/House Manager is on duty, you probably want to consider hiring two people one Nanny and one House Manager. However is you have older kids that are in school you can have your Nanny/House Manager help with the kids before and after school, and also provide House Management duties while the kids are at School. If you have older Teens or no kids at all you are looking to hire a House Manager to help manage and run your home efficiently. Also there is a possibility to have your Nanny’s position evolve into a House Manager position as your needs change. Some Nannies are ok evolving into a House Management role and other Nannies strictly want to focus on childcare. Just remember that you are hiring an expert, and want to make sure the person your are hiring is well versed in the job you are hiring them for. Also remember if you hire someone for a dual position you will need to pay them accordingly for the extra duties they are preforming for your family.

How much do House Managers Make?

     Full-Time House Managers in the Charlotte Metro Area typically make anywhere from $25.00 – $35.00 per hour

How does Charlotte’s Best Nanny Pre-Screen House Managers?

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency has one of the most comprehensive screening process in the Carolinas. Our House Managers fill out a personal and professional questionnaire, take a House Management assessment and have to pass it with 90% accuracy and above, attend a in-person interview with our Domestic Placement Specialist for a comprehensive in person interview, then we conduct a full reference check on the candidate, and a background check by a private investigation firm in Charlotte. Our House Managers are also required to have a college degree or extensive on the job work experience, and are also required to be CPR certified. Drug screenings are also available through Lab Corp. for any household requiring a drug screening.

How do I get started in finding a professional House Manager for my home?

     All you need to do is fill out the Family House Manager Application below and pay the 250.00 Registration Fee. We will Then contact you and walk you through the whole process.

I am a House Manager and am looking for a new position. How do I apply? All you have to do is scroll down and apply below on the House Manager Application.

House Management Application for Families needing a House Manager

Keep in mind that Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency has a 20 hour a week minimum for all positions we place for. Please ensure that your need is at least 20 hours a week prior to applying.
House Managers do not do any heavy household cleaning Ie. Cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors, and other heavy household cleaning.
On average House Managers make $20.00 - $30.00 an hour depending on experience, expertise, and number of hours.
Price: $ 350.00
Non-refundable registration fee

Application for House Managers

To apply visit:

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1244 East Blvd, Suite 2D, Charlotte NC 28203