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Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency offers House Management placements to families in the Charlotte Metro Area and the Carolinas. Our team prides ourselves in placing the best and most trusted House Managers in the area. House Managers oversee all aspects of a home and property, or multiple properties. Our team consists of former House Managers who truly know the ins and outs of House Management. House Managers develop a professional relationship with your family, get to know your unique needs, and are able to anticipate the needs of your home and family. A House Manager’s role is to make your life easier, and to give you more time to enjoy your family and home(s) in your leisure time. We would highly recommend hiring a House Manager if you are looking for someone to help manage your overall home and family’s needs.


What is a House Manager?

    A house manager is responsible for handling the daily operations of a house and responding to the home owner’s needs. House Managers typically supervise and manage daily tasks around the home. These tasks would include things such as setting appointments for home repairs and maintenance, supervising household staff, keeping an inventory of the house and restocking items, organizing tasks, running errands, grocery shopping, watering plants, transporting children to appointments, managing bills as needed, managing schedules, scheduling travel, pre and post travel help, taking vehicles in for routine maintenance, and other tasks as needed.

Can you tailor a House Manager’s duties to fit your needs?

     Absolutely, You can tailor your House Manager’s duties to fit your family’s unique needs in a formal job description. A House Manager can help you manage your home and tasks for your family, within their scope. House Managers also help you seek out other professionals and vendors to take care of the tasks they can not personally take care of (servicing HVAC, Heavy House Cleaning, Lawn care, etc.).

How does Charlotte’s Best Nanny Pre-Screen House Managers?

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency has one of the most comprehensive screening processes in the Industry.

  • Our team conducts a preliminary interview with each candidate. During this extensive interview, a placement specialist gets to know the candidate’s background, work history, experience, and expertise.
  • Following that interview, a profile is built for the candidate, and we verify their references in -house. 
  • The placement specialist will then determine if the candidate would be eligible to be recommended to families we work with. We are then able to refer the candidate out to families for consideration.
  • Once a family interviews candidates and identifies a candidate to hire, we will then provide the family with a reference report. The family is also encouraged to reach out to the references directly at this point.
  • The final step in pre-screening is conducting the background check. Each nanny or domestic candidate goes through an extensive background check, as close to hiring as possible once a contingent offer is accepted.

House Managers we consider are required to have a college degree or equivalent experience, and to be CPR/First Aid certified.

🦒 Optional drug screenings are also available through Lab Corp. for any household requiring a drug screening.

How much do House Managers make per hour?

   Full-Time House Managers in the Charlotte Metro Area  and the Carolina’s typically make anywhere from $25.00 – $35.00 + per hour. All families are required to pay their House Manager legally by W-2 payment. To set up legal pay for a House Manager reach out to GTM Payroll & HR at this link: GTM Payroll & HR

What is the difference between a Nanny and House Manager?

     The role of a Nanny is to provide childcare to your children and take care of tasks related to childcare. A House Manager manages and oversees all aspects of your home and property, and meets family needs. 

Is a House Manager a House Cleaner?

     No, a House Manager and House Cleaner are two separate positions. Although your House Manager will help out with light cleaning duties such as laundry, unloading/loading the dishwasher, meal prep, and keeping the house tidy,. House Managers do not provide deep cleaning services to your home.

Can I merge positions and have one professional be my House Manager and Nanny? 

     Yes, you can merge positions and have a Nanny that is also a House Manager. Although in this situation, you must understand one person’s limits. If you have 3 young kids that require constant care while the Nanny/House Manager is on duty, you probably want to consider hiring two separate people to fill these roles.  However, if you have older kids that are in school during the day they can help with both Nanny and House Management duties. In that case, you can hire a hybrid Nanny/House Manager. Also there is a possibility to have your Nanny’s position evolve into a House Manager position over time, and as your needs change. Some Nannies are ok evolving into a House Management role, and other Nannies strictly want to focus on childcare. Just remember that you are hiring an expert, and want to make sure the person your are hiring is well versed in the job you are hiring them for.  If you chose to hire for a hybrid role, please know that the hourly rate paid will be higher than if you were hiring for one role. 

How do I get started in finding a professional House Manager for my home?

     All you need to do is fill out the Family House Manager Application below, once you submit your application, you will be forwarded to Pay Pal to pay a $350.00 Registration Fee. We will then reach out to you to go over your needs and get the ball rolling forward on your placement. 

I am a House Manager and am looking for a new position. How do I apply? Apply for House Management positions at: House Management Openings

Start a Search for a House Manager Today by Flling out the Following Application.

Keep in mind that Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency has a 30 hour a week minimum for all positions we place for. Please ensure that your need is at least 30 hours a week prior to applying.
House Managers do not do any heavy household cleaning Ie. cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors, and other heavy household cleaning.
On average House Managers make $25.00 - $35.00 + an hour depending on experience, expertise, and number of hours.
Price: $ 350.00
Non-refundable registration fee
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