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Why should I hire a pre-screened and background checked nanny or domestic employee?

     Background checks and screenings are the best way to ensure that you are choosing the best domestic employee possible to care for your children or home. A nanny or domestic employee will be caring for your home, pet, or one of the most important person in your life, your child(ren). You are trusting them to provide daily care for your home and/or your child(ren). Your domestic employee may also have to drive your child family members, or pet to different activities and appointments. A family should be 100% certain that they have a trustworthy domestic employee, and someone they can trust caring for their home, children, and driving their children around. Having a domestic employee that you trust 100% is the best feeling in the world. One of the best benefits of using a nanny and domestic placement agency is being able to hire a domestic employee that has been through a thorough pre-screening. This includes filling out a complete application, submitting a professional resume, being pre-interviewed, providing professional, verifiable references, and passing an extensive background check. At Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency, we want you to be 100% confident that we have referred a trustworthy nanny or domestic employee to your family. Our promise to you is that all domestic employees will be extensively pre-screened, references checked and a complete background check run. If you would like to obtain a background check on a candidate you found and would like to hire outside of the agency, for a fee, we offer that service as well.

Are all Nannies and Domestic Employees Pre-screened face to face?

     Yes, all of our nannies and domestic employees are pre-screened face to face by a placement specialist.  We currently are conducting these interviews via a video interviewing platform to maintain our social distance during the Covid-19 pandemic. Each domestic employee goes through a preliminary in-person interview with Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency. We conduct an extensive interview with each domestic employee candidate to determine if they would be a great nanny or domestic employee. Then we do a google search and a social media check to ensure that they are a good fit for our agency and the families we work with. The nanny or domestic employee’s references are verified by a staff member to confirm their work history and performance. Once you have interviewed the candidates you requested and identify a candidate to hire, we provide you with the reference report and contact information to reach out directly to them. Each nanny and domestic employee is also extensively background checked, before starting a family. Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency offers one of the strongest background checks in the industry. We do not place any nanny or domestic employees who have been convicted of a crime. Only the top domestic employees that pass our interview and pre-screening process will then go on to be referred to families.

What is included in a background check at Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency?

     The background check we provide you includes a national, county by county Federal, State, and County criminal and civil records check, Driving record check, Sex offender registry check, Social security number verification, and a Security watch list search. We also conduct a Social media check on all applicants.

     Charlotte’s Best Nanny uses a third party background check firm to conduct state-of-the-art background checks. The investigation firm we utilize employs professionals in the securities field. Including members that have led security details for U.S. presidents, Military and law enforcement professionals. The professionals that work at this firm were also trained with top experts from the FBI, Secret Service, NATO, and National Law Enforcement Excellence Centers. They also have a unique insight into background checks, as some of the investigators took part in the development of today’s background checking databases.

Why do your background checks stand out from the rest?

     You can rest assured that Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency conducts a thorough background check that checks all alias’ and legal names a candidate has had, as well as every state and county they have lived in. The background check searches years and years of a nanny’s background. We have even have had tickets show from as far back as 1986. We have confidence in our background checks, as they have proven to be stronger than most any other agency’s background checks. If a candidate is not truthful in telling us their whole background history, we will find out about any arrest or charges before a nanny is hired by a family. We, unfortunately, have had nannies interview with us and bring in a clear background check conducted by other agencies and companies; then our background check investigation goes on to reveal charges, tickets, or arrest. At that point, we have to tell the domestic employee we can not refer them. This is why it is imperative to go with a nanny and domestic placement agency that has strict requirements on nannies having clear criminal and civil backgrounds.

Can I drug test my potential domestic worker?

     We also offer the option to screen your domestic employee for drugs and alcohol for a small additional fee. All drug screenings are optional and are conducted through Labcorp. You will be given a detailed report of the results of all the screening we conduct.  At Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency, we are dedicated to providing you the best and most trusted pre-screened domestic employees in the area.

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