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At Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency we feel it is important to provide the best and most trustworthy placements to families with children of all ages. As parents ourselves, we understand how the first few weeks of bringing a new baby home can be. We commonly refer to the first 12 weeks after baby comes home as “Baby Boot Camp”. Whether you are a first time parent, welcoming multiples, or this is your 5th time bringing a baby home, we understand the importance of having the right support during the first 12 weeks of a baby’s life. Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency provides families trusted Newborn Care placements in Charlotte, NC and The Carolinas. These placements include Night Nannies, Newborn Care Specialists, and Postpartum Doulas, depending on the parents needs and requests. Most candidates we place are Night Nannies or Newborn Care Specialist, and some candidates even have NICU experience or are RNs. As you navigate which placement is best for your family, we have provided some valuable information below. Our hope is for you to have the very best postpartum experience for your family and your newborn.

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Newborn Care Candidates we consider must go through our thorough Pre-screening Process:

  • Must pass our extensive pre-screening: Including providing a Resume and documents, completing a one-on-one interview with a placement specialist, and submitting verifiable references.
  • Have at least 3 years of prior newborn – 12 months nanny care experience (On average most of the nanny and domestic candidates we place have 3-5 + years’ experience).
  • Have a college degree or equivalent experience (some candidates have also taken childcare education courses)
  • Have reliable transportation to get to and from work each day, and transport children as needed.
  • Must be CPR/AED and First Aid Certified prior to starting their position.
  • Candidates pass a reference check: All candidates we refer go through a reference check conducted in house by the Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency team.
  • Pass a National, county by county criminal and civil background Check, driving record check, social security verification, sexual offender registry check, and security watch list search. The background check is completed as close to hiring as possible, once a contingent job offer is made, and the family is given the full completed report.
  • Are ready to sign a work agreement with a family, and commit to the family the length of the placement. They also can sign a separate NDA if needed.


Registration fee and placement fee is paid directly to the agency. Hourly pay rate is paid to the newborn care provider directly by the family. All families must pay their Newborn Care provider legally by w-2 payment. For more information on this visit our Legal Pay Information Page at: Legally Paying Your Newborn Care Provider

Newborn Care Specialist Placement Fees

Newborn Care Roles

What is a Night Nanny? A Night Nanny is an experienced professional who typically specialize in caring for newborn babies. Most night nannies are needed from the day your baby comes home to about 8 – 12 weeks old. Some families utilize night nannies for longer or shorter durations of time and for different ages children as well. Their responsibility is to attend to the baby’s needs throughout the night (Soothing, Changing, and Feeding) or supporting feedings by bringing baby to mom to breastfeed as needed. They are able to support parents by helping with laundry fixing a meal, or cleaning bottles, pump parts, etc.

What is a Newborn Care Specialist? A Newborn Care Specialist is a Nanny who has taken Newborn Care Specialist courses (typically through Newborn Care Solutions) and brings their expertise and  hands-on newborn care experience to support families after bringing a baby home. The Newborn Care Specialist typically starts with a family the day the baby comes home, and works for about 3 – 4 months with a family. Their role is to provide care to the baby and provide professional support and guidance to parents. They also  help the parents establish healthy and safe feeding and sleeping routines. They are able to support parents by helping with laundry, fixing a meal, or cleaning bottles, pump parts, etc.

What does it mean to be a Certified Newborn Care Specialist? A Newborn Care Specialist can have completed Newborn Care Specialist training and not be certified. If a Newborn Specialist is truly certified and not just trained this means that they have completed their NCS training courses, completed 2 years of hands on hours (4,000 hours) working with babies 12 months of age or younger, and have all other qualifications to become certified (typically through the Cache Certification process). They are able to support parents by helping with laundry, fixing a meal, or cleaning bottles, pump parts, etc.

What is a Postpartum Doula? Postpartum doulas provide families and baby support, from the day they bring the baby home – 12 weeks old. Postpartum Doulas provide evidence based information on things such as infant feeding and care, physical and emotional recovery from birth, infant soothing, breastfeeding support and guidance, and new parenting skills. A postpartum doula should respect a family’s wishes for how much guidance and support they need, and always follow the parent’s wishes (unless they are not safe for the child). They are able to support parents by helping with laundry fixing a meal, or cleaning bottles, pump parts, etc.

Newborn Care Candidates

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NCS Training Courses

Are you looking to obtain NCS training? If so, we recommend that you look into training through Newborn Care Solutions, as industry leader in Newborn Care Specialist trainings.

Cache Certification

If you are a NCS looking to for certification, you will need to get your Cache Certification,. For more information on how to get Cache Certified, please visit this link: Cache Certification Information

We provide the following placements in Charlotte, North Carolina, and South Carolina:

Nannies and Mannies – Charlotte, NC and the Carolinas, Household Managers & Estate Managers – Charlotte, NC and the Carolinas, Mothers Helpers – Charlotte, NC and the Carolinas, Live-Out Nannies – Charlotte, NC and the Carolinas, Night Nanny – Charlotte, NC and the Carolinas, NCS – Charlotte, NC and the Carolinas, Estate Managers – Charlotte, NC and the Carolinas, Summer Nannies – Charlotte, NC and the Carolinas, Governesses – Charlotte, NC and the Carolinas, Family & Personal Assistants – Charlotte, NC and the Carolinas, Travel Nannies – Charlotte, NC and the Carolinas.

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