Virtual Safety Tips

Virtual Safety Tips

June is National Safety Month. With our new normal depending so much on technology, it’s important to be mindful to stay safe online. 


  • Only shop at sites you trust. Double check web addresses and be careful of links. 
  • Consider payments with customer protection such as credit cards or Paypal. 
  • Keep track of what you purchase so you can be aware of missing packages or fraudulent transactions.  


  • Take Precautions
    • Be mindful of passwords. Make sure they are strong, containing a variety of characters and are not easy for others to guess. Take care when saving them. 
    • Consider locking your phone, tablet, or computer when not in use. 
    • Make sure personal WiFi is private and don’t access sensitive information when using public WiFi. 
  • Set Limits
    • Turn on time limits or turn off notifications to monitor use.
    • Disable cameras, microphones, and location for sites and applications that don’t need to access them for use. 
    • Check privacy settings for social media and use parental controls if necessary.
  •  Be aware
    • Check emails and social media regularly for signs of misuse. 
    • Change passwords often. 
    • Be careful what links you click or what files you download. 
    • Monitor what apps children are using- who are they communicating with and what information are they sharing?

The internet has been a lifesaver during the pandemic and our Stay at Home/Shelter in Place rules. Though it’s great to use for keeping in touch, working, shopping, and more- please be mindful of your internet and social media use. Take precautions to avoid being exposed to hacking or scams. Be sure to talk with your children or nanny charges on internet safety. 

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