Back to School Update and Virtual Learning Tips

It is back to school time! We hope you’ve enjoyed your summer and are ready for the fall. While this school year will definitely bring challenges, Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency wants to help parents by sharing some tricks and tips to make back to school easier- even if it’s different this year. 

We will be placing Home School Coordinators and Private Educators to assist students with remote learning options, as well as nannies to care for children after school. Here is some information to make sure your child has a successful school year, however they are learning. 

 Remote Learning 

  • Explain the plan for virtual learning including schedules, work spaces, support, etc. 
  • Ask the child how he/she feels about the upcoming year and what would help him or her to succeed. Use the experiences of the spring to decide what to try and what to avoid this fall. Reassure children it’s okay to be anxious and work together to problem solve. 
  • Keep things as consistent as possible during the day including schedules- breaks- activities. Have a designated space in the home for the child to work/study remotely. 
  • Be sure to have periodic check ins with your child and his/her teacher to keep things on track. Check assignments as needed and keep a planner or white board handy for due dates and virtual meetings. 
  • Find ways to motivate your child to study and learn independently. Set timers, give them input on schedules, honor break times, encourage them with rewards/activities.
  • Include plans for social interaction and physical activity. Take stretch breaks during the day and evening walks to wind down. Encourage children to connect virtually with classmates and friends through safe social media outlets or through phone calls. 
  • Know when to get extra help. Monitor your child for signs of stress, anxiety, learning difficulties, etc. Reach out to teachers or other professionals if needed and don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. 

Classroom Learning 

  • Discuss with your child how class will be different this year. Make sure they are aware of social distancing and mask requirements for their school. Practice at home and allow them to share any concerns or questions that they have. 
  • Find ways to encourage children during the day. Pack a sweet note in their backpack, include their favorite snacks in a lunch bag, and buy fun supplies for them to use.
  • Organize the night before. Pack backpacks, pick out clothing, double check due dates. Keep a calendar and a planner so that everyone is aware of schedules.
  • Start the day on a positive note! Listen to upbeat music or a positive podcast. Ensure children eat a nutritious breakfast. Go over schedules to ease confusion and anxieties. 
  • Check in with your child. Ask how classroom learning is going and how they feel about the changes at school. Check in with teachers to head off any possible issues. 

No matter the classroom, get your child excited about going back to school! Let them help pick out new supplies. Buy them a new outfit for the first day of school. Take first day pictures to share with family. Please remember this is an unprecedented event. Parents, students, teachers, administrators, and caregivers need to be shown grace and encouragement while we all do our best. 

If you’re interested in applying to be a Private Educator, Home School Coordinator, or Nanny, please apply here. We are looking for candidates who can commit for the 2020/2021 school year, have experience in a K-12 classroom or with homeschooling, as well as degrees in Education. If you are looking to hire a nanny or someone to help with remote learning, please click here

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