How do you set up employing a nanny for success?

At Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency, our mission is to set each placement up for success. We wanted to share some tips on how to set up nanny employment for long-term success. Over the past 11 years we have learned these tips from placing nannies, working in the industry as employees, and managing Nannies ourselves. Our hope that these tips will help families successfully employ a nanny long-term.

·  Clearly discuss your expectations upfront. When hiring a nanny, it is essential to clearly discuss your expectations up front and update them as things change. This includes talking about hours, expectations, concerns, wishes, travel, holidays, and more. By being transparent and upfront about your expectations, you can help ensure that you and the nanny are on the same page and that the nanny will be able to meet your needs. 

·  Have a list of house rules. Each family is unique and has a unique set of house rules. We encourage each family to assemble a packet for their nanny that includes your House Rules. This ensures your nanny is on the same page with your family’s unique rules and expectations as they start the position. The rules we are referring to are: Take your shoes off before entering the home, no food upstairs, no sponges left in the sink, etc.

·  Always have a work agreement in place; Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency requires all families to have a work agreement in place. This work agreement should address hours, duties, expectations, pay and benefits, and any other details of the position you are hiring a nanny for and should be signed before the first day of work. Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency provides all families we place a work agreement template if they wish to use it. We have tailored this over the years for the utmost success in placement.

·  Have a system for daily or weekly reporting and keep lines of communication open. It is essential for your nanny to be able to communicate with you about your children’s daily activities. You can arrange a time at the end of each day to talk, have them fill out a daily report, use an app, have a weekly meeting, or establish a daily/weekly text or email reporting system. Choose the method that works best for your family. Regardless of your chosen method, it is critical to keep the lines of communication open throughout the nanny’s employment.

·  Have scheduled times to meet with your nanny throughout employment. We feel it is essential to have some scheduled check-ins with your nanny where you can talk face-to-face about how things are going for them and you. During this meeting, you should discuss scheduling, any changes that may happen soon, new needs that have popped up, and any other concerns either of you have. It is great to have these scheduled out as life gets busy, and you want to make sure you are checking in with your nanny. It is also essential to be open to feedback from the nanny and willing to make changes as needed. By working together, you can create a positive and productive working relationship with your nanny.

·  Always pay your nanny Legally. Paying Nannies legally by W-2 payment is required by law. 1099’s are illegal in the industry. If you need more information on legal pay, visit our legal pay page here: There is lots of valuable information on legal pay and how GTM Payroll services can help your family manage legally paying a nanny.

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