Nannypalooza Re-cap by Sherry Campbell

The following re-cap of Nannypalooza 2023 was written by Sherry Campbell a Nanny in the Greater Charlotte Area.

Nannypalooza 2023

Nannypalooza is one of the largest and most anticipated nanny conferences I attend each year. This year marked my fourth consecutive attendance, and it took place in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. The conference rotates through various locations along the East Coast, and next year it’s scheduled for Raleigh-Durham, NC, with an additional event in Phoenix, AZ.

The conference spans from Friday through Sunday, with optional sessions available on Friday afternoon. During this year’s Friday session, titled “The New Industry Standards,” Rachael Lubin provided insights into emerging options and standards that families are increasingly aware of, including topics like healthcare stipends, travel expectations, QSEHRAs, and more.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, attendees kickstart their days with delightful breakfasts followed by engaging icebreaker activities. One such activity is “Get to Know You Bingo,” where you mingle with fellow nannies and collect signatures on your paper based on shared experiences.

Throughout the day, you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of sessions to attend. Each year brings a fresh lineup of presenters and topics. This year’s offerings included sessions like “Emotional Skill Building,” “The Art of Toddler Negotiation,” “Music as a Tool in Childcare,” and my personal favorite, “Work from Rest,” which emphasized the importance of self-care.

Each session provides valuable takeaways, whether it’s related to working with newborns, managing toddler emotions, resume building, or gaining deeper insights into the world of nannying. An invaluable aspect of the conference is the opportunity to connect with nannies from diverse locations, fostering new friendships and networking with both fellow nannies and agencies.

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