Schiele Museum of Natural History and Planetarium

Happy Friday!!

Last weekend we visited to Schiele Museum in Gastonia NC. As a Charlotte Native, I cannot believe I have not visited this museum before. Schiele museum is great for all ages, and even adults will enjoy this Museum.The Schiele Museum is well worth the trip over to Gastonia.

The Schiele Museum was dedicated in 1961 and the name The Schiele Museum of Natural History was dedicated in 1965. Schiele was originally opened by Mr. Bud Schiele and wife Libby Hobbs when they were in their 60’s. It was Bud’s life long dream was to open up a museum that cataloged and preserved nature. Bud was involved with the Schiele Museum up until his death, and he received an Honorary Doctor of Law Degree from Belmont Abbey College. Over the years the Sciele’s collected and preserved many natural specimens, and cultural artifacts. The scheile features natural exhibts of speciemens from North America. From the Dinosaurs to present you can find just about every animal in North America at Schiele. Schiele also has an extensive outdoor area to explore. During our visit we walked the inside of the museum (Dino lovers will love the entrance). After viewing the exhibts inside we ventured outside. The outside exhibits include an 18th century back country farm featuring Sheep, Chickens, and a Big Pig, a Grist Mill, Gem Mind, Catawba Native American Village, Stone Age Heritage site, Memorial Garden, and coming this spring a play scape for the kids to play in. This Museum has so many great exhibits inside and out, and is a quick 30 min trip from downtown Charlotte. This museum is sure to please the whole family young and old. So take a trip over to Gastonia NC and see all the great things the Museum and Planetarium have to offer.

Admission is $7.00 for Adults, $6.00 for Students and Seniors and 3 and under are Free! Planetarium Shows are $3.00 a person.

They Also have Ice Cream for a dollar and a great gift shop.



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