Benefits of Finding a Job Through a Nanny and Domestic Placement Agency

Benefits of Finding a Job Through a Nanny and Domestic Placement Agency 

The nation is facing a childcare crisis. Families are looking for nannies and educators to care for their children and to help them with virtual learning. Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency is actively recruiting and interviewing candidates to be placed into these jobs.

While there are many ways to find a great position, we encourage you to consider our agency in your job search. Our services are always FREE of charge to nannies and domestic workers looking for positions, and we NEVER take money from your hourly pay. Here are some great reasons why working with a professional nanny and domestic placement agency can be helpful in your search. 


  • All of our families pay legally with a W2 form- so your taxes are withdrawn from your pay in each pay check and you file a W-2 at the end of the year.  According to the Fair Labor Standards Act in the USA Nanny and Domestic workers MUST be paid by W-2.
  • Our families offer competitive wages that are in line with industry standards. We advocate hard for nanny and domestic professional’s to be paid within these standards.
  • We require all of our families with permanent positions to offer benefits including paid time off, paid sick time, and paid holidays. 
  • We also arrange for continued pay to ensure you’re paid for your regularly scheduled hours whether you are needed to work that workday or not. 


  • We have our families sign employment contracts with their nannies and domestic employees detailing schedules, pay rates, overtime, duties/responsibilities, and benefits so there is no confusion on expectations and everyone is on the same page. 
  • We provide support and encouragement at every step of the application process. We work hard to ensure a great fit for all involved and take the time to find you the right job. 
  • The agency supports continuing education. We offer workshops, networking events, personal development, and training to support your individual nanny or domestic placement career.
  • We appreciate you and your commitment to childcare and domestic care in the Carolinas. We host National Nanny Recognition Week every year- along with several other events to award great nannies and recognize their contributions to the community. 

If you’re interested in applying to be a Private Educator, House Manager, Nanny, or Babysitter please apply here. We are looking for candidates who have experience, professional references, clean driving records, and who love caring for children. If you are looking to hire a nanny or someone to help with remote learning, please click here

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