Baby Bundles

Baby Bundles

Baby Bundles

40%. That’s the percentage of newborns in Mecklenburg County that are born to mothers on Medicaid. These families struggle daily just to meet life’s simple demands. Charlotte’s Best Nanny attended a deeply touching morning this past Tuesday for Beans and Bundles, a charity event to help raise money and support for an amazing group called ‘Baby Bundles – Clothing Newborns with Love.’ This non-profit was started by three incredible moms who all experienced one of the greatest losses you can have in life – a child. We learned about some great ways to give back to our local communities by helping this organization.

This incredible group partners with 17 organizations from around Charlotte to give “a baby shower for a mother in need for a year.” Each bundle includes the necessities every newborn and their mother needs including diapers, pajamas, blankets, toys, books and clothing. Every bundle provides for a year of their needs.

You can help ‘Baby Bundles’ by volunteering your time, donating financially to purchase a bundle, buying and donating items for a bundle, or by donating gently used items to their drop off locations.

Baby Bundles DonationIt’s such an honor to support a charitable and inspiring local group like ‘Baby Bundles.’ They gifted over 1000 bundles to families in need during 2017 and are shooting to top that in 2018. With all our help, we know they can!

If you would like to donate or volunteer please follow this link to their website: Sign up to volunteer or donate to Baby Bundles here

Written by: Elizabeth

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