Teaching Equality and Cultural Appreciation

Teaching Children Equality & Cultural Appreciation


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When you look around there are people of every shape, size, color, ethnicity, and culture. In the world we live in now it is so important to teach, at an early age, how to love and treat people equally no matter our differences. Charlotte’s Best Nanny has some awesome activities that can help you teach your children about equality:

‘Things In Common’ Music Game: This fun game can get children thinking more about their similarities rather than differences. Play some music and allow them to dance and move about freely. When the music stops, they have 30 to 60 seconds to grab a partner and find one thing that they have in common.

Handprint Equality Wreath: Children can trace and cut out a handprint in their own skin color, and their friends as well, that can be used to make a handprint wreath that combines all their friends’ hands in one wreath of equality.

Read a book: An awesome book to read to your kids that helps teach about compassion and equality is ‘We’re Different, We’re the Same’ by Sesame Street. Here’s a link where you can purchase this book on Amazon: ‘We’re Different, We’re the Same’

Sing a song together: Try singing a song with your little ones that promotes the idea of equality and multicultural harmony. A good one we found is “The More We Get Together.”

‘The More We Get Together’ song and video: 

It is so important to teach children to think in terms of respect and acceptance of diversity and compassion for each and every unique individual. Helping our children to learn to have compassion and mutual respect for other humans will greatly impact our present and all our futures.

Written by Elizabeth

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