Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming, and warm temperatures are here for the most part (ignore that flurry of snow we got yesterday)! Spring is just around the corner and everyone is ready to play in the sunshine. Charlotte’s Best Nanny has found 10 fun budget-friendly activities you and your kiddos can try out while playing outside this year.

1) Sun melted crayons: Have a ton of broken and unusable crayons lying around? Gather them up with a few other household items for this super cool and colorful activity. Follow this link for instructions:

2) Be a nature detective: Grab an inexpensive magnifying glass and head outside to see what you can discover. Bugs, flowers, dirt and leaves look awesome up close. Take this opportunity to teach new describing words to your littles. Example: ‘Look up close at this frog we found. Look how bumpy his back is and how smooth his sides are!’ Here’s a link to an adorable and inexpensive magnifying glass:

3) Paint rocks: First, find a few interesting rocks you would like to decorate. Paint them into suns, bugs or whatever you please! They make great decorations for any garden.

4) Be a gardener: Grab an inexpensive bag of seeds (any kind you like), some potting soil and a few clay pots. Plant the seeds and watch them grow together over the next few weeks. You can even have your kids decorate the pots with paint and glitter before you start planting for outdoor more fun.

5) Make a heart-shaped bird feeder: Here is a super cute craft you can make for the birds. Follow this link for instructions:

6) ‎Play real-life Angry Birds: If your kids love playing ‘Angry Birds’ on their IPad. They will love this!  Grab some washable sidewalk chalk, balloons, markers and water. You’re ready to go! Check out this link to see how to play:

7) Have a picnic: Grab a huge blanket and pack your favorite snacks/lunches for a beautiful day outside. Find a big tree with lots of shade and set up the perfect picnic underneath. You could even do a bit of reading with a book like ‘The Giving Tree’ by Shel Silverstein.

8) ‎Go on a treasure hunt: Before heading outside, make a simple map of the backyard or park you’ll be playing at. Hide a treat somewhere for your kids to find. They will have a blast figuring out where it’s hidden by following your map. X marks the spot!

9) ‎Dino-Dig: Do your kids love dinosaurs? This activity is great to show them what being a paleontologist is all about:

10) Cloud watching: Grab a blanket on a day the sky has lots of fluffy clouds. See how many different shapes of objects, animals, etc. you and your little one can see in the clouds. You can bring along some crayons and paper to draw pictures of the shapes you see.

We hope these activities make your outdoor time extra special during this warm weather. As always don’t forget your water and sunscreen to stay safe while having fun.

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