4 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

It’s that time of year again, Pumpkin Decorating Time. We wanted to inspire you to get creative, we came up with 4 different ways you can decorate your Pumpkin.

1. You can paint your Pumpkin: (best for children ages 18 months – 5 years old) This is the best Ideas for young toddlers and children who can not help much with the Pumpkin carving process.

2. Create designs in your pumpkin with a drill: This is a great new take on traditional carving. You would start by hollowing out the pumpkin, and drawing a design out of dots. After that an adult can drill the holes to create a beautiful design in your Pumpkin.


3. Mr. Potato Pumpkin: (Perfect for Kids) You can buy Pumpkin decorating picks at www.amazon.com. I thought these Mr. Potato picks were so cute. They also sell different character picks such as princess and super hero picks.



4. Hairy Pumpkin: You can do this by turning a pumpkin on it’s side, and stem makes the nose. All you have to do is carve out eyes, dip spaghetti in boiling water to bend and stick in the pumpkin to make hair.image

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