What is the average pay for a Nanny in Charlotte NC

What is the average pay for a Nanny in Charlotte, NC?

Updated August 2023 (Pay rates listed below reflect average rates in August of 2023)

This is a question we get a lot at Charlotte’s Best Nanny. There are many factors that go into what to pay your nanny, experience, expertise, duties requested, number of children, supply and demand, and market rate. I also remind families that most Nannies rely on the pay they earn to live on. They also have taxes taken out (as we have discussed in a previous question), so the pay must be fair after taxes are factored. Most professional Nannies in Charlotte, NC and the Carolinas make anywhere from $22.00 to $30.00+ an hour. This range is wide and depends on the factors mentioned above. The more experience, expertise, responsibilities such as multiple children, or extra duties require higher pay. Also, if you are hiring someone part-time the hourly rates start a little higher. When you decide what to pay your nanny, think about their worth to your family, and the task they will be asked to complete.  Also, remember when factoring hourly pay, factor in time and a half for any hours over 40 hours a week. I also suggest offering an incentive for keeping your nanny after the normal hours, such as a small payment for every 15 min the nanny has to stay late. This really makes the Nanny feel that their time is worth something to you. After you figure out your nannies pay and benefits you will put it into our nanny work agreement template, and the nanny will be able to review and agree or negotiate to their desired pay per hour. As always we are always available for any questions you have.

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Suggested Payroll Company: Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency recommends GTM payroll service in helping to guide your family through the payment process. GTM has been a trusted source in paying domestic employees since 1998. They are respected members of the payroll industry and are members of many associations including the INA (International Nanny Association), APNA (Association of Premier Nanny Agencies ), and the American Payroll Association and more. GTM has provided families of Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency a dedicated website to learn more about their payroll service and help make the payment process easy for your family. For more information on what GTM has to offer your family please go to the link below:


*Disclosure: WE DO NOT GIVE TAX AND/OR LEGAL ADVICE.  It is advised to always seek out independent advice from your local CPA, lawyer, or tax professional on legal pay in your state.*


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