What is the average pay for a Nanny in Charlotte NC

What is the average pay for a Nanny in Charlotte, NC?

This is a question we get a lot at Charlotte’s Best Nanny. My answer is always what the family feels is fair to pay their nanny for the Job they are doing. I also remind families that most Full-Time Nannies rely on their salary to live on. They also have taxes taken out (as we have discussed in a previous question), so the pay must be fair after taxes are factored. Most professional Nannies in Charlotte, NC make anywhere from $12.00-20.00 an hour. This range is wide and depends on what a Nanny’s responsibilities are. The more responsibilities such as multiple children, or extra cleaning duties require higher pay. When you decide what to pay your nanny think about their worth to your family, and the task they will be completing during the day. I suggest figuring out a hourly salary for your nanny, multiplying that salary by the hours worked in a week, then multiply that number by 52 (weeks in a year) to determine a salary for your nanny. It seems to be easier for families to pay salary, then paying hour for hour. I also suggest offering a small payment for every 5 min the nanny has to stay late. This really makes the Nanny feel that their time is worth something to you. After you figure out your nannies salary and benefits you will put it into our contract template and the nanny will be able to agree or negotiate to their desired salary. We are always available for any questions you have.

Salary Formula Example:
Full-Time Nanny: 14.00 an hour x 40 hours a week= 480 a week before taxes. Then Multiply 480,00 x 52 (weeks in the year)= 24,960 a year before taxes.

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