Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine’s Day Activities

Candy hearts. Flowers. Chocolate, oh my! It’s almost Valentine’s day. Looking for something sweet for you and your family to do this year? Charlotte’s Best Nanny has a list of fun V-Day activities for you to try:


  • Movie night with the family: Grab your blankets, your fluffy pillows and put on a comfy pair of PJ’s for a V-Day movie night. We suggest ‘A Charlie Brown Valentine’ or a romantic classic, like ‘Lady and the Tramp.’
  • ‘Heart’-and-Seek Game: Grab some pink and red construction paper and cut out hearts of all shapes and sizes. Hide them around the house for your littles to find. Whoever finds the most gets a sweet treat!
  • Spread the love: Go around the dinner table and have everyone say three things they love about each family member. Or, have everyone write a thoughtful note of what they love the most about each other and read them out loud.
  • Make a sweet treat: Try these adorable Rice Krispies Valentine Lollipops from Foodie Crush. They are fun and easy to make for all ages.
  • Create a special V-Day DIY craft: We found 22 adorable DIY’s to create with your kids this Valentine’s Day on Popsugar.
    Click this photo to make your DIY card now:

DIY Valentine Cards


We hope you enjoy these Valentine’s Day ideas and activities. If you are interested in a fun night out filled with tasty treats, come out and join Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency and other fabulous nannies and mannies around the area for our February nanny meet up at Amelie’s Cafe located behind Park Road Shopping Center. All attendees who are registered to attend will receive a FREE Salted Caramel Brownie. As always our nanny meet-ups are always open to all nannies regardless of whether you have been placed by Charlotte’s Best Nanny or not. Please, register below to receive your FREE brownie:

Written by: Elizabeth

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