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Potty Training

As childcare professionals, we are a part of many babies’ and toddlers’ major milestones. We see their first time rolling over and crawling, their first bites of solid food, their first steps, first words and many other amazing moments in their lives. Something we also see some of their not-so-amazing moments, like pooping in their brand new big kid undies. Potty training is a huge milestone for every child. It can also be one of the biggest challenges to navigate for nannies, babysitters, and parents. Charlotte’s Best Nanny has some great tips and tricks you can use for helping your little use the potty regularly.

1. Make it a fun coloring activity: Have your little one sit backwards on the toilet and give them a dry erase marker to color on the back of the lid. Just make sure to sanitize it really well first and also test a small area with your marker to make sure it is truly erasable. This is a great to make pottying more fun and to add a little distraction.

2. ‎Toilet paper race: Some children are a bit too enthusiastic about wiping on their own and will use the entire roll of paper if they can. Make it easier on them, and you, by putting a piece of tape (like a little finish line) under the roll of toilet paper. Tell them to not go past the finish line when grabbing their paper.

3. Help kids with poop-anxiety: Many of us know the hardest part about learning to potty for kids can be pooping in the potty. Children can be anxious about this new experience and don’t fully understand exactly what is going on in their bodies. A great way to ease their minds is by using the Playdoh trick demonstrated by Jamie Glowacki in this video here: https://youtu.be/h5AM4dAM5g0

4. Start them in a central location: A lot of kids first starting out are either scared of the adult potty or don’t want to start very far from where they are playing. A great place to start is with a training potty in the living room or playroom. That way if they feel the urge to go, the potty is closeby and in eyesight to remind them where to go. Another great tip is to use puppy training pads under the potty seat, on the floor, for easy cleanup after accidents or spills.

5. A prize jar: Grab a clear container or jar and fill it with rewards for your little one. You can use small toys like Matchbox cars, legos, etc. Or even M&M’s or marshmallows. Make sure it’s in sight from wherever the potty is located and make it clear that each time they successfully poop in the potty they can grab one prize from the jar. A little motivation never hurt!

6. Use a coffee filter: It’s a great feeling when your kid poops in their training potty, but it’s not so great to clean-up afterward. Try sticking a basic coffee filter in the potty bowl to catch any #2’s. After their done just toss it out in a plastic bag or potty pail.

7. Grab a great read: A great way to get your little one to relax and spend some time on the potty is to read a book to them. Some great potty-related books are: Potty Superhero, Potty Fairy Princess, Everyone Poops and P is for Potty.

Hopefully, you can use some of these tips and tricks to ease the transition from diapers to the potty. It’s important to always stay patient and be consistent to help children successfully use the potty. Soon your potty struggles will be a thing of the past and you will have fond memories of teaching your little one an essential life skill.

Written by: Elizabeth

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