Top 5 Reasons to Choose Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Nanny Agency to Find Your Next Nanny

1. Personalized Experience for each family.

Each family will receive a custom personalized experience. A Nanny Agency will take your personal concerns and needs into consideration while seeking Nannies for you to interview. An agency will take their knowledge of the industry and find great Nannies for you to interview.

2.Pre-Screened Nannies to interview.

Nanny Agencies provide you with nannies that are fully pre-screened and Background checked including Criminal, Credit, and Driving checks.

3. Saves the headache of sorting through all the applicants.

Busy parents do not have a lot of extra time to sort through nanny applications. This is the most valuable time saving reason to hire an Agency. Agencies use their expertise to sort out the best applicants to screen and send to you.

4. Support from a professional that knows the industry.

Most good agencies offer support throughout the nanny placement. They also offer support after the placement. It’s great to have a nanny agency there to support you through your nanny employment experience.

5. Guarantee of having a Nanny for a Year.

Most Agencies offer a year guarantee. This means if your nanny does not work out within the first year, the agency will find you a new nanny free of charge.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency

1. Owner is a native of Charlotte, that has worked in the industry for over 10 years.

As a native of Charlotte, and a professional in the nanny industry, I know the needs of Families and Nannies in Charlotte. I will use my knowledge of the industry to find you the best Nanny available. It’s our goal to ensure every Charlotte family has reliable child care.

2. Strict Pre-screening of Nannies

Safety is our first priority. We now how important it is to be able to have a nanny that you trust, and that you can rely on to provide safe child care. So we provide you with a full County and State Background Check, Credit Check, and DMV Driving record check. We also provide a pre-interview summary with details of our pre-interview with each nanny.

3.Each Family has a personalized experience

Each one of our families is special to our agency. We make a point to provide the most customized experience possible for each family. We make sure the Nannies we send to you will meet your individual family’s needs. Our mission is to provide your family the best Nanny available.

4. Have a database of pre-screened Nannies that we can send you if you need a last minute Babysitter.

Charlotte’s Best Nanny maintains a database of Nannies that are pre-screened, and ready to provide last minute babysitting services. Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency offers this service free of charge to families that have already used our agency to find a nanny. For families that have not used our agency their is a small fee for sending a last minute babysitter out to your house. Gives us a call if you ever get in a bind and need a sitter.

5.We provide support and a guarantee for a year after your Nanny is placed.

Charlotte’s Best Nanny offers a one year guarantee with your Nanny Placement. This means if for some reason your nanny does not workout within the first year we will replace them for free. Our Full-Time nannies are ready and willing to revise a one year commitment. We stand behind the commitment and are happy to find a new nanny, if something harms with your nanny. We also provide support, and invite our families to call, or email us with any questions or concerns. We will answer your questions, and find solutions for any problems or concerns you have This gives our families a year worth of child care security.

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