The Story of Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency

As we are approaching our 9th year in business, we have been looking back at the history of Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency, and thought it would be a great time to share a little bit about how we were established, and what we have been doing to serve nannies and clients in the Charlotte metro-region and across the Carolinas throughout the years.

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency was founded by Emily Miller, who is a Charlotte Native, born and raised in Madison Park, and has worked in the childcare and house management industry her whole career. Emily started babysitting in high school, as she attended Northwest School of The Arts. She then became a trusted part-time nanny in the area and also enjoyed working at local children’s boutiques in the beginning of college. While attending college Emily’s career progressed into a full-time nanny career, as she worked for several families over the years in the Myers Park, Quail Hollow, Plaza Midwood, and Cotswold areas of Charlotte. Emily obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, while working as a Nanny and House Manager. Once Emily’s last nanny family relocated, Emily then went to work for a busy executive as a Nanny & House Manager. This family had 4 children, ranging from teens to young adults, and several properties to manage. This position kept her very busy for 5 years. Throughout Emily’s career, she has over 18 years of in-home care experience and has helped care for 15 plus children in nanny roles, and even more in her babysitting roles. 

Emily always wanted to run her own business, and had found nanny jobs independently in the beginning of her career. A few years into her career, Emily learned of local agencies and started seeking jobs through them, as they did not charge for searching for positions and had great opportunities to offer. Throughout Emily’s career and job searches, she saw the need for a new local nanny agency that would consider not only the family’s wants and needs, but also advocated for the nannies as well. That is when the seed was planted for Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency.

The agency was established in 2012. Emily has worked hard over the years building the agency from the ground up. Charlotte’s Best Nanny has placed thousands of placements in NC and SC for Nanny, House Management, Babysitting, and other domestic placements. Emily is a mother of the sweetest little boy, employs a nanny her family adores (she could not run the business without a trusted nanny). Emily has dedicated her professional life to the nanny industry and has made it a personal mission to advocate for families and nannies, and to make the best possible placements. It is very important at the agency that we advocate both for the family and nanny, and that the placements are the best fits for both parties. The agency also takes great pride in having a strict non-discrimination policy for families and candidates, and we conduct our business every day with the utmost integrity for everyone seeking to hire a candidate or seeking employment.

The agency has worked diligently over the years to educate families on nanny pay rates, legal pay and standard nanny benefits in the area. The agency requires families to pay legally via W-2 payment, and that the family offers standard nanny benefits such as paid time off, paid vacation/sick days, paid mileage for driving on the job, and continued pay while the family is away, and more. The agency just won an award in 2020 from GTM Payroll services as “Outstanding Nanny Agency of The Year” for educating clients and families on legal pay. We have been grateful to have a part in advocating for nannies and domestic workers over the years. Now, we can proudly say that the Charlotte market has many jobs in and outside of our agency that pay a fair hourly wage, pay legally, and offer standard nanny benefits. 

We are proud members of both the INA (International Nanny Association) and APNA (The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies). Being a member of both associations has given us a wealth of knowledge in the industry, and connected us with many agencies, and nannies all over this country and the world. These associations are wonderful, and we are so happy that the INA supports nannies and agencies the way they do, and through APNA we have been able to connect with fellow agency owners in a meaningful way.

The Agency has made it our mission to give back to the community and industry over the years. We have provided low to no cost training to nannies, so they have access to continuing education opportunities. The agency has hosted International Nanny Training Day Charlotte for several years (This year is virtual, and we are doing a giveaway for 20 nannies to attend). Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency is dedicated to hosting nanny social events, so nannies have the chance to network and socialize other nannies in the field. We also have supported the Nanny Relief Fund in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on the industry. In addition to supporting nannies, we also support several charitable causes in the area, that support children and families in need. Our continuing education, nanny support, and community support mission is one of our favorite aspects of the agency. We are so happy to be able to provide these opportunities and give back to the industry and community as a whole.

Today Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency serves all of Charlotte, NC, and SC, placing Nanny, Domestic, and Babysitting placements. Emily is the CEO and oversees all placements at Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency. She also works with an amazing team to keep everything running smoothly. For Emily it has been a dream come true to own and operate Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency. The team at Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency looks forward to continue serving many more families, nannies, and domestic workers now and in the future.

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