Pirate Craft and Talk Like a Pirate Day

Arrgh! In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day tomorrow, we have a pirate craft for you today. This is a cute craft I saw on Pinterest. Just paint your child’s hand with washable paint and paint details over the handprint to make the handprint look like a Pirate! This is a great preschool craft.

Here is the link.

How to talk like a Pirate

Captain Booty’s – Talk Like a Pirate – Crash Course

Ahoy! – An energetic greeting to yer fellow mate…like hello.
Aloft – A reference to climbin’ to or being among the sails above or upper rigging overhead on yer ship.
Articles – An agreement of behavior between th’ Captain an’ his crew.
Avast Ye! – A stern request to halt yer activity and listen up.
Aye! – Yes or I agree…
Aye Aye! – Yes, Captain…I’ll take care of it…ye can count on me.
Arrr! (an’ variations) – Arrr or similar (interjection to show excitement or pause) – Yarrr (agreement on yer mates comments) – Harrr (expresses amusement or laughter)
Bilge Rat! – A scoundrel…an’ a general insult lashed upon a shipmate.
Booty – A pirates treasure…make sure ye get yer share while playin’ a game o’ Crossbones matey!
Broadside – A discharge of all cannons…attackin’ the main (broad) part of an enemy ship.
Cap’n – A reference to a superior officer…Captain o’ the ship.
– See more at: http://www.playcrossbones.com/Pirate_Talk.php#sthash.PRczep2I.dpuf

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