Election Day 2016


     Today is Election Day in the USA. Please remember to go out and vote. Our ancestors earned the right to vote, and no matter who you are voting for, we encourage you to go out and exercise your right to vote. Most kids are out of school today. So we thought we would share some resources for you to use to help teach your kids about the history of elections, presidents, the current candidates, the right to vote and more. Below you will find links to helpful websites, a link to a Pinterest board of election crafts, and more. We hope you take some time out to vote today and teach your children or nanny kids about Election Day.

Take Your Kids With You to Vote

     Taking your kids(s) to see you vote, is also a great way to teach your kid(s) about voting. Consider taking your kid(s) to the polls today if possible.


     PBS has a great site for kids that teaches them about the candidates and history of elections in the USA. The site features information on each candidate, trading cards of former presidents and first ladies, and a template to make a campaign poster.

PBS Kids Election Site: http://pbskids.org/youchoose

Time for Kids

     Time Magazine has a site for kids to learn about the election. This site would be geared more to older children that can read and are school aged. This site features articles on the whole election cycle, information on the candidates, the history of US elections, printables and more.

Time Kids Election Site: http://www.timeforkids.com/minisite/election-2016

Scholastic News

     Scholastic News has a website full of resources to teach kids about election day. On this site you can learn about the candidates, history of elections, the electoral map and more. Visit their site at http://election.scholastic.com

Election Day Pinterest Board    

     We have put together a Pinterest board of crafts, printables and teaching resources for election day. Visit the link below for fun crafts and resources to help teach children about election day. https://www.pinterest.com/charlottesbestn/election-day/

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