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Welcome to Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency, your local Fort Mill, SC nanny and domestic placement agency. Serving the Charlotte Metro and the Carolina’s since 2012. Our team provides the best nanny and domestic placement services in Fort Mill, SC, the Charlotte Metro Area, and across South Carolina. We place professional nanny and domestic candidates that are highly qualified to provide expert care for your children, family, and home. Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency is conveniently located in the heart of Charlotte’s historic Dilworth neighborhood, and provides Nanny and Domestic placements in the Charlotte Metro Area including Fort Mill, SC, and the Carolinas. Our team has provided thousands of families and candidates in the area our expert matchmaking and placement services.

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency is the only Fort Mill, SC  nanny agency owned and operated by Charlotte natives, parents, and former nanny, childcare, and domestic professionals. The agency conducts each placement as if placing for our own family, and keeps the unique needs of each family and candidate in mind. We are dedicated to providing each family with a custom placement experience. Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency ™ has developed a thorough 14 step placement process. This process ensures that our team is making the best placement for each family, and setting up placements for long-term success.

Our team takes the time to understand the needs of each family, and creates a custom placement experience. The goal of the agency is to help your family find a trusted long-term nanny or domestic employee that meets and exceeds your family’s needs. It is our mission to ensure each placement is a great fit for both the family and candidate being hired. It is imperative that the placement be a good fit for both family and candidate to establish a long-term fit. Every Nanny, Babysitter, House Manager, or Domestic candidate is thoroughly vetted and handpicked to meet the specific needs of each family.

Providing Expert Nanny and Domestic Placement Services in Fort-Mill, SC: Live-Out Nannies – Full-Time Nannies, Part-Time Nannies, Temporary Nannies, Back-Up Nannies, Summer Nannies, and Babysitters, as well as House Managers, Estate Managers, Personal Assistants, and all other Domestic Staffing in the Carolinas.

All nannies and domestic candidates we pre-screen are ready and willing to help each family with their childcare and household needs. The goal of the nanny candidates we place is to meet and exceed your children’s daily needs, and foster an enriching, nourishing, and educational environment. The candidates we place in domestic rolls, provide families a concierge level of service. They get to know your family, are proactive, and able to anticipate and take care of your family’s needs on a daily basis.

Fort Mill SCThroughout the years, Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency has built an extensive database of thousands of professional local nanny and domestic candidates in Charlotte, and across the Carolinas. The candidates we place have unique experience working with children and families of all ages (infants, toddlers, school age children, teens, and young adults). Nannies we place also have experience working with siblings, multiples, children with allergies, physical special needs, neurotypical and neurodivergent children, families navigating separation or divorce, death of a family member, and many other unique situations. All nanny and domestic candidates are fully screened by a trained Placement Specialist, and go through our thorough vetting process. This vetting process includes a review of the candidate’s resumé, a pre-screening interview, reference check (a member of the Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency team checks all references in-house, the family has a chance to call as well, as we are completely transparent, and encourage parent to parent conversation), and are extensively background checked as close to hiring as possible (So we have the most up-to-date information). The nanny and domestic professionals we recommend are experienced industry professionals, college educated (or have equivalent experience), CPR/First Aid certified, have their own reliable transportation, go through our prescreening interview process, have glowing references, and pass a national background check.

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency also places professional, reliable, and trustworthy House Managers, Family Assistants, Estate Managers, and Personal Assistants. The domestic professionals we place, provide each family an expert service managing client’s homes and personal needs. We are your go-to Charlotte Nanny and Domestic Placement Agency, for all of your custom childcare and household staffing needs. We look forward to assisting your family in finding the best nanny or domestic candidate to fit your family’s unique needs.

All Nannies and Domestic Candidates we Refer go Through Our Extensive 10 Step Pre-screening Process.

  1. All candidates must submit an application and resumé.
  2. Each candidate will then submit required documents.
  3. We then conduct a pre-screening phone interview to ensure the candidate meets the needs of our clients, and the agency’s basic requirements to be considered further.
  4. Each candidate must pass an extensive pre-screening interview one-on-one with a placement specialist. During this interview, the agency gets to know each candidate and their experience and expertise. (We look for at least 3 years of experience in the industry). Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency builds each candidate a custom profile.
  5. We conduct professional reference checks on each candidate. These checks are conducted in-house by a member of the Charlotte’s Best Nanny team, and a complete reference report is written. When a family identifies a candidate to hire and a contingent offer is accepted, the family will receive the reference report on the candidate of their choosing. The family will review references, and are able to speak to the references directly ( as we encourage parent to parent conversation).
  6. Candidates interview virtually and in-person with families who express interest in interviewing them.
  7. We require candidates to be CPR/First Aid certified before they start their position. Some even have obtained advanced medical licensing such as: CNA’s, RN’s, EMT’s, and even retired MD’s. We provide information on re-certification, if the candidate needs to re-certify.
  8. Candidates are also required to have their own safe and reliable transportation to and from work, and during work hours. We ask what vehicle they drive during their pre-screening, and verify their license and driving record when we conduct their background check, before hiring.
  9. The agency then runs a Comprehensive Background Check on the nanny or domestic candidate. This report is run as close to hiring as possible (so we are providing the most up to date information). This national background check includes Criminal Checks (County-By-County), Civil Record Checks, Social Security Verification, National and State Driving Record Checks, Sexual Offender Registry Check, and Security watch list search. *Drug and Alcohol Screening are offered at an additional cost.
  10. The final step is signing a work agreement with the hiring family. The agency provides each client with a work agreement template to use and sign upon hiring a candidate. This agreement outlines the position, expectations, pay, benefits, terms, and family policies. A signed Family/Candidate work agreement is required to be on file with the agency at hiring. Candidates we place are all willing to sign a work agreement with the hiring family.

Candidates Work Directly for The Family

When a candidate is hired by a family, the family is always the direct employer of the candidate hired. Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency never employees nannies or domestic candidates at any time, we are solely a placement agency. Nannies and Domestic candidates we place are required to be paid directly by the family legally, by W-2 payment. According to the domestic payment laws in the country, 1099s are illegal. The family is responsible for overseeing day to day employment, paying their employee legally, and paying all applicable taxes.

Continued Support

While we do not employee nannies or domestic candidates at any point, we do offer continued support. We are always available to provide support and guidance, as needed. This continued support is offered to all clients and candidates throughout the placement process and throughout the placement, whether the placement lasts one year, or 12 years.

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency’s Amazing Replacement Search Guarantee

Replacement Search Guarantee

All of Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency’s long-term placements come with an amazing, one-time replacement search guarantee, within the first 12 months of the hire date. If you are unhappy with your nanny or domestic candidate within the first 12 months, or they resign from their position, we will do one more replacement search FREE of charge.

*We believe in the quality of our placements and are one of the ONLY nanny agencies in the USA that offers this amazing guarantee!*

Diversity and Inclusion 

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency understands that families come in all forms and we celebrate the diversity of the families and the candidates we work with. We find value in and welcome all people, this is one of our core values. Striving daily to be the example that our children look up to, by treating everyone with dignity and respect. We have a zero tolerance discrimination policy of any kind for families and candidates. We do not discriminate or tolerate discrimination in any form, due to, but not limited to, age, gender, race, nationality, sexual identity or sexual orientation. Our agency is operated with the utmost integrity and we strive to do what is right all the time, this is non-negotiable. We also intentionally help our community and give back to organizations every chance we get. We feel that this is the best way to make a difference in the community that we work and live in. Celebrating diversity, treating everyone with dignity and respect, supporting the community, and always operating the agency with integrity is our formula for success.


We are committed and dedicated to not only providing the best nannies and domestic placements for families, but care for our local Charlotte community too. Please visit our causes page to learn more about the local organizations that our nanny agency supports throughout the year.

Confidential Nanny & Domestic Placements

You will see many other Nanny agencies that post jobs with the title “High-Profile Family or High-Net-Worth Family looking for a Nanny”. While this type of advertising may seem exciting candidates, it also attracts many candidates for the wrong reasons. We  NEVER divulge any type of status or financial information about our clients to our candidates. This method helps protect families confidentiality and the integrity of the whole placement process. All of our nanny and domestic placements are customized to each family’s needs. See more information about our methods on this on our Private Placements Page.

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