Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Father's Day Gift Ideas

With fathers day fast approaching it’s time to look into planning something awesome! Dad’s are there for us whenever we need them so let’s make him feel extra special on a day dedicated to him alone. Here is a collection of Charlotte’s Best Nanny’s favorite finds for every type of dad out there!

If your dad love fitness: 20” Duffel by Focus Gear

Price: $24.99

When it comes to buying a new gym bag, there are endless options. What makes this one stand out? Compartments galore! We’re talking a compartment for literally everything. Sneakers, dirty or wet clothes, shower sandals, a water bottle, phone and headphones — plus an oversized main opening so dad will never find himself rummaging through his bag looking for something again. With everything he needs to get his workout in easily accessible, the only thing this duffel doesn’t leave room for is a dad bod. Buy it here.

If your dad loves the outdoors: Sawyer water filter and purifier

Price: Starting at $55

If his hobbies include hiking, camping, hunting or fishing, this gift will win you favorite child status this year. No more making room for water bottles in his backpack — or carrying the extra load — to stay hydrated while hiking to his destination. This bottle, with a built in filtration system, filters water of chemicals, pesticides, bacteria and protozoa in just 10 seconds, reducing contamination levels far below EPA standards for safe drinking water. So any fresh water source is now fair game for dad to quench his thirst. Buy it here.

If your dad loves to cook: Meater wireless thermometer

Price: $69

If hosting a barbecue means your husband or father spends the entire afternoon behind the grill, this handy tech tool will be his new best friend. The wireless meat thermometer takes all the guesswork out of cooking the perfect slab of meat — whether he’s roasting chicken, cooking steaks or grilling salmon. All he has to do is insert the thermometer into the raw meat and select the type of item he’s cooking, and the app will estimate the cook time. The convenient countdown clock shows how much time is remaining so dad can crack open a cold one and enjoy the BBQ— instead of having to “man” the grill all afternoon. Buy it here.

If your dad is a tech guy: Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

Price: $169.95

Think of it as giving your home a brain — so your dad can take a load off his. He can connect appliances, lights, speakers, locks, cameras, thermostats and more, and control, automate and monitor them all from his phone using the app. The system will give him peace of mind while the family is away on vacation and also save him from those daily stressors like remembering if he locked the front door or left the air conditioning on for the dog. Buy it here.

If your dad is a sports guy: Uncommon Goods BBQ Kit Cooler

Price: $99.95

The father who lights up your life will be the life of the tailgate with this duffel. Filled with all the essentials for grilling out before the game, there will be no more scrambling to make sure he has all of his gear before heading off to the stadium (or little league field). The heat-sealed main compartment serves as a cooler and fits 46 12-ounce cans, while the side pocket stores grilling tools, a cutting board, a corkscrew, an oven mitt and salt and pepper shakers. Buy it here.

If your dad is a fashionable guy: SPREZZABOX

Price: $28/month

Have a little something dropped on the doorstep of the most fashionable dad (or those who could use a little help in that department) each month. Each box contains 4-5 stylish lifestyle accessories — think fashionable socks, watches, tie clips, leather cord holders, coasters — and one grooming product, that’s guaranteed to have over $100 in value. Don’t be surprised if dad shows up looking especially dapper to your next family brunch. Buy it here.

If your dad is a handyman:  Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Pocket Tool

Price: $12.65

This 18-in-one tool allows the handyman on your list to carry his toolbox in his wallet. Yes, 18 gadgets are combined into a compact steel tool the size of a credit card. The tools range from your standard toolbox additions like four types of screwdrivers, a ruler and a nail puller to more unique, useful everyday tools like a fruit peeler, an eyeglass screwdriver and a cellphone stand. Buy it here.

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