National Nanny Recognition Week Septmber 23rd - 29th

What is National Nanny Recognition Week?

What is National Nanny Recognition Week?National Nanny Recognition Week Septmber 23rd - 29th

Nannies, did you know that there’s a special week coming up at the end of this month just for you? It’s National Nanny Recognition Week September 23rd to the 29th, 2018.


What exactly is National Nanny Recognition Week? In 1998, this holiday was created as a time for the families you care for to celebrate you and everything you do. It’s a time for parents and nanny kids to say thanks for your efforts all year long.


Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency is very excited to be celebrating National Nanny Recognition Week 2018 Charlotte! NNRW is always our favorite week of the year! This is a week where we take time to thank all of the wonderful Nannies and Mannies that help make a difference in our families and children’s lives daily. We’ve partnered with a few great local companies to provide some amazing giveaways for each day. At the end of the week, we will be awarding the 2018 Carolina Super Nanny Award to a very special nanny who has been nominated by her nanny family. We could not be more excited to celebrate National Nanny Recognition Week with you all.


Our Partners for NNRW 2018:

Air Fit Now

First Wind Cycling

Massage Heights

Mountain Island Promo

Mud Facial Bar

Painting with a Twist

Pure Pizza

If you are a family that works with a nanny, here are ten simple ways you can thank your nanny during NNRW:


  • Buy a potted plant for your nanny and attach a note that says thank you for helping our children learn and grow.
  • Purchase a gift card to a Spa, Mud Facial Bar or Nail Salon and give him/her an afternoon off for some self-care.
  • Put together a gift basket with all his/her favorite things and write a note about how much you appreciate the Nanny/Manny.
  • Offer your nanny a day off as a thank you for his/her hard work.
  • Prepare a special breakfast or take your Nanny/Manny out for breakfast or lunch as a thank you for a job well done.
  • This week is a great week to choose to give your Nanny/Manny a bonus if you feel he/she has earned one.
  • Is your Nanny/Manny a movie lover? Gift them a gift card to their favorite theater.
  • If your Nanny/Manny mentions his/her favorite Yoga studio, purchasing a pass to that Yoga studio for him/her would be a great way to provide a thank you with a chance for your Nanny/Manny to practice healthy self-care.
  • Gift your Nanny/Manny a Starbucks gift card and write a thank you note for all their help throughout the year.
  • Purchase a gift card from your Nanny/Manny’s favorite store and write a Thank You note and tell your Nanny/Manny to use the gift card to buy one of their favorite things.

If you are interested in nominating your nanny for the 2018 Carolina Super Nanny Award please follow this link: Nominate Your Nanny Today

Written by: Elizabeth

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