Virtual Story Time: Meet Your Microbiome: Your Superheroes Within

This week we have a fun Virtual Story Time for you. Today’s Story Time features a book by local Authors Cheryl Corcione and Crystal Cordero called Meet Your Microbiome: Your Superheroes Within. This is an awesome book that will teach your children about healthy eating, and how they can be a superhero by eating healthy. We really enjoyed this book and think it is a great book for children that are starting to independently learn the importance of healthy eating. We hope you enjoy this week’s fun story time.

A little bit more about the book:

Did you know there’s an army of Superheroes inside your body? An ecosystem where Superheroes battle to keep you healthy? Meet Your Microbiome, Your Superheroes Within is an engaging and interactive picture book that introduces children to the powerful community of microbes on and inside us. In Meet Your Microbiome – Your Superheroes Within, children become a superhero as they help the microbial Superheroes, Mike and Michelle lead their army to battle the Bad Guys in order to destroy the ultimate villain—Inflammation. Children learn how to be the Superheroes of their health and have the power to prevent disease.Meet Your Microbiome, Your Superheroes Within is a wonderful resource for parents, health practitioners and teachers!

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