Two Scoops Creamery



I scream, You scream, We all scream for Ice Cream from Two Scoops Creamery. Today Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency is hosting an Ice Cream Social in honor of National Nanny Appreciation Week for all nannies and nanny kids. Each person attending our event will receive a FREE Ice Cream Cone compliments of Two Scoops Ice Cream and Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency. We are looking forward to seeing and catching up with all of our nannies and nanny kids today. Two Scoops Ice Cream is newer to the charlotte market. If you have not visited Two Scoops yet, they are located in the heart of Plaza Midwood at 913 Central Avenue Charlotte, NC 28204. The creamery features delicious homemade Ice Cream, including a variety of specialty Ice Creams, such as Vegan Ice Cream. Two Scoops creamery is owned locally by three best friends Marques, Joe, and Rich. They are bringing homemade Ice Cream daily to Charlotte, made from secret family recipes which make their ice creams unique to Two Scoops.  Also while you are at Two Scoops check out the art from local artist Miriam Yumet, Miriam is the artist behind Two Scoops Creamery’s murals. If you can’t make it today and are hanging out in  Plaza Midwood, we highly recommend you visit Two Scoops Creamery. We are looking forward to seeing all of our wonderful nannies and nanny kids this afternoon. Thank You again for all you do!

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