Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

Here at Charlotte’s Best Nanny, safety is our top priority. Here is a list of safety tips to stick to while Trick-or-Treating.


Plan Your Route Ahead of Time: Adults should plan an approved route ahead of time. It is also a good idea to go to a family friendly event to Trick-or-Treat at.
Bring a Flash Light: Always carry flashlights when Trick-or-Treating. Have each child wear something that glows or is lit up.
Always Trick-or-Treat with Adult Supervision: Never Trick-or-Treat alone. A responsible Adult or Care Giver should be with you at all times. Trick-or-Treating in a group is always more fun than going by yourself.
Do not go into a strangers home: Always accept candy at a door way, never go inside a strangers house. It is not safe (even on Halloween) to go into a strangers home. If a stranger makes you uncomfortable you can always walk away or call 911 if needed.
Keep your costume safe: Kids costumes should not prevent them from walking safely or seeing where they are walking. Costumes should also be easy for children to get off for trips to the bathroom.
Wear comfortable shoes: Kids and Adults should wear comfortable walking shoes while trick or treating. You will thank me later for this tip and you can move faster with more comfortable shoes on.
Bring water and keep hydrated: Do not forget water bottles. Children will get thirsty and this ensures that no one becomes overheated.
Wait to eat your candy when you get home: Parents should always check Halloween Candy before a child eats it. This is to make sure all candy is free of anything that would harm a child. Also remember many kids have allergies, so make sure there are no ingredients on the candy that your child(ren) may be allergic to. Also it is a good idea to limit your child to a few pieces of candy so they do not get a stomach ache.
Be Polite when Trick-or-Treating: Always say Trick-or-Treat and make sure to say Thank You!
• Most Importantly Have Fun!

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