Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkin Painting


     Happy Fall Y’all! Today we will be talking about pumpkin painting. Pumpkin Painting is a safer alternative to carving a pumpkin. Most all children love painting pumpkins, and this activity encourages fine motor development. For this activity, all you need to do is buy a  pumpkin from your local farm or grocery store. When we did this, we got pumpkin pie pumpkins from Harris Teeter, and they were the perfect size for toddlers. We also purchased washable tempera paint and chubby paint brushes. Another tip is that we recycled a small cardboard box we had laying around and put six plastic cups in it for the paint. This created a great way to keep the cups stable while the children were painting. We then let the kids go wild with painting the pumpkins. (Another suggestion is to do this outside All the kids that participated loved this activity and could not have had more fun.

    For more ideas on painting and decorating pumpkins without carving check out our Pinterest page here or via the widget on our sidebar.

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