Part-Time Nanny

Part-Time Nanny Positions

Do you know that at Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency, we also place part-time nannies? These positions are great for college students, moms returning to the workforce, nannies who can work part-time hours, and teachers who have/need some flexibility in their schedules. 

Some of these positions are for mornings, most are for after school and evening hours. Duties may include picking children up from school, taking them to activities, helping with homework, making them dinner, and helping them get ready for bed. Other positions may include mornings or daytime hours and can be 5 days to 2-3 days a week, or for helping the parents out on weekends. Some opportunities may also have house manager responsibilities along with nannying duties.

We treat our part-time placements exactly the way we treat full-time placements.

All part-time positions include:

  • Legal pay directly by the family via W-2
  • One week of paid time off
  • Paid mileage reimbursements or stipend
  • Continued pay while the family is away


Here are some tips for making a good impression on a part-time nanny application or interview.

  • Translate your strengths
    • Mention courses, volunteer opportunities, jobs, etc that showcase your experience with children.
  • Be accomodating
    • Know that sometimes there may be extra tasks for you to do related to the children. Last minute changes to the schedule may happen on occasion. Flexibility with a part-time schedule goes both ways.
  •  Be professional
    • Take a part-time job seriously. Even if it’s just a few hours a day, understand that families are trusting you with their children. Missing work or running late can cause major inconveniences for everyone. Also, be sure to complete your daily responsibilities to the best of your abilities. 

Here is the link to our job board where you can find our part-time positions. 

We have positions all over the Charlotte metro area, including the suburbs, with a variety of schedules available. We also post positions on Facebook and Instagram. 

Don’t forget, Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency also rewards referrals, so please share this article with someone you know who may be looking for a part-time nanny position. Link with information on our referral program is posted below. 

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