National Nanny Recognition Week: 25 Years of Celebrating Nannies and their Contribution to Families in Our Community

As a former Nanny and owner of Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency, I’m excited to celebrate our 11th National Nanny Recognition Week and the NNRW organization’s 25th National Nanny Recognition Week. This week, we come together to honor nannies shaping our children’s lives and supporting families in our communities. 

Nannies in the Carolinas

Nannies in the Carolinas have been integral to our communities for generations. They provide our children with essential care, love, and guidance, helping them grow into responsible, compassionate individuals. 

Here are some reasons why nannies are so vital:

Supporting Working Families: With many parents in the Carolinas juggling busy work schedules, nannies provide invaluable support by ensuring children are cared for in a safe and nurturing environment.

Flexible Care: Nannies offer flexibility that other childcare options may not, accommodating unique family needs and schedules.

Fostering Emotional Growth: Nannies play a significant role in promoting emotional intelligence and helping children develop strong bonds, trust, and empathy.

Local Community Builders: Many nannies become beloved community members, engaging in local activities and providing stability and familiarity with the families they serve.

Celebrating National Nanny Recognition Week

National Nanny Recognition Week is the perfect time to show appreciation for the dedicated nannies who enrich the lives of families in your community. At Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency, we are celebrating nannies by hosting daily giveaways, hosting a fun playdate/music class on Tuesday, September 26th, with the Treble Makers, and Celebrating the Carolina Super Nanny of the Year. We look forward to this week every year and can’t wait to celebrate nannies in our community.

There are many nanny agencies and families celebrating this week. (If your family is not celebrating, do not worry; they may not know about this celebration. If that is the case, you can direct them to this Blog to learn more). Below are a few links to discover NNRW celebrations happening this year. 

Celebrations for NNRW

· Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency is hosting daily giveaways (Watch social media for details), hosting a Playdate with the Treble Makers on Tuesday, and celebrating the Carolina Super Nanny of the year.

· The North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies has a list of celebrations in North Carolina and around the country. 

· Several Nanny Agencies host giveaways, events, or retreats. Check out your local nanny agency’s social media accounts this week. 

· Follow NNRW on Facebook to see the giveaways they are hosting this week 

Here are some ideas on how you can celebrate this special week:

1. Handwritten Cards or a Questionnaire filled out by the Children: Encourage the children in your care to create heartfelt cards expressing their gratitude for their Nanny. Also, a fun way to say thanks and provide the Nanny with a unique keepsake is to ask your children questions about your Nanny and fill out a questionnaire with answers about the Nanny. We put together a fun Questionnaire template that you are welcome to use. 

National Nanny Recognition Week 2023

2. Unique Gifts: Consider giving your nanny a thoughtful gift that reflects their interests or hobbies. It could be a book, spa day, or a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.

3. Create a Memory Book: Utilizing photos of your children and nanny’s daily adventures, you can create a memory book via Shutterfly or your favorite photo printing website. This memory book is sure to be a cherished keepsake.

4. Invest in Professional Development: Investing in your nanny’s professional development is a meaningful way to show appreciation. There are several ways you can do this. You can pay for a certification that relates to the nannies’ desired professional development, pay for a membership to the INA, pay for them to attend or some of their expenses to attend NannypaloozaInternational Nanny Training Day, or a Nanny retreat.

6. Recognition Awards: Consider nominating your nanny for Carolina Super Nanny next year, or present your nanny with a personalized recognition award or certificate to commemorate their hard work and dedication.

7. Create a Supportive Work Environment: Ensure your nanny knows they have your support regarding their work-life balance, benefits, and any concerns they may have.

8. Give Them an Extra Day Off: Sometimes, the best way to say thank you is by giving your nanny a well-deserved day off to relax and recharge.

9. Give your Nanny a Bonus: A monetary bonus is not required but will always be greatly appreciated by any nanny. A bonus can be given as a gift card or money; this should be a Thank You for a job well done.

10. Send your Nanny on a Trip: As a thank you, you could send your nanny on a short weekend trip somewhere close. Think Asheville, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Pinehurst, Ballantyne, etc. If you have a vacation rental, you could even offer your nanny to stay there for a week or weekend. A trip would be a fantastic way to show your nanny how much you appreciate them.

National Nanny Recognition Week is an opportunity to take some time out of the year to express a heartfelt thanks to the exceptional nannies who play a vital role in the lives of families across the Carolinas. Their dedication, love, and support deserve to be celebrated and cherished during this week and every day. We hope you will join us in celebrating nannies in the Carolinas and your community this year. 

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