My Perfect Dog

‘My Perfect Dog’ by Lindsey Scarola

My Perfect Dog

Everyone is perfect in their own unique way.

This is such an important lesson we all, as childcare professionals and parents, want to instill our children. ‘My Perfect Dog’ by Lindsey Scarola is a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book that teaches this very lesson. In the story, a little boy sees all the other dogs in the neighborhood doing special tricks and he wishes that his dog could do awesome tricks for him like his homework and other tasks he would rather not do. In the end though, the young boy realizes that his dog doesn’t need to do any fancy tricks to be a better dog, his best friend is perfect just the way he is!

Lindsey Scarola was inspired to write this adorable story in honor of her very best friend, a yellow labrador named Ben. He was her very own ‘perfect dog’ for 9 years until he passed suddenly from cancer. She told me that she believes that Ben would be proud of her book, and hopes he knows how loved he was. Lindsey also went 

My Perfect Dog

on to to tell me that she is a first time author but has always been into writing poetry and short stories. She has a great love for children as she was a nanny for many years and also worked in pediatrics


This colorfully illustrated 24 page book is definitely one you want to add to your child’s bookshelf. It is available now on Amazon for purchase. You can check out how much others have loved and appreciated her story as well by reading the 5-star reviews. Pick up yours today and help support a local author from the Charlotte area.


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