Indoor Winter Crafts for Kids

The weather outside is frightful! The biggest news this week is the weather, their have been school delays, and everyone has been stuck indoors. I decided it would be a good day to write a post about some indoor winter crafts you could do with your kids.

First up is a Sugar Cube Igloo

Picture Credit: Family Fun Magazine

This is a very cute craft, and if your kids like building blocks or Legos they will love this craft. All you need is a bag of sugar cubes (building blocks) a piece of cardboard cut into a circle with a 7 inch diameter (for the base), and 2 egg whites mixed with 3 cups of confectioner sugar (to make the mortar.
To construct you will lay the sugar cubes in rows around the cardboard, building up each layer as a smaller circumference. Once you have 10 layers stop and let the sugar cubes and mortar dry. Then build the roof separately on a flat surface, let dry. Once both the layers on the bottom and top are dry you can attach them together with the mortar or glue.then sprinkle with confectioners sugar (to make snow). You should now have a sugar cube Igloo!

Craft To Keep The Draft From Getting In

Photo Credit: Family a Fun Magazine

These adorable draft protectors go right up against your door sill. They are made of old tights and pantyhose. You can make what ever animal your child desires by using a little creativity.

Old Tights or Pantyhose
5lb Bag of Rice
Googly Eyes
Felt Fabric

Take panty hose and cut of ends to desired length. Tie a knot at one end. Then fill with rice. Tie a knot at the other end. Then add Googly eyes, and felt ears, tail or other details by hand sewing them. This is a nice project for older children, and might even help keep the heat bill down.

Penguin Thermometer Craft
Ages 5 & up

Oriental Trading Company sells a Penguin Thermometer kit, that your kids can make and learn about how a thermometer works. *This project should be done under strict parental supervision, as it includes a real thermometer.*

Photo Credit: Orential Trading Company

Materials Included in Kit are:
Foam Penguin Parts and Features
Plastic Thermometer

Other Materials Needed:

All you need to do is put the Penguin pieces together, and attach the thermometer on the front of the Penguins Body. Next glue the magnet on the back. Put up on a magnetic surface and let your kids read the temperature outside.

We hope you stay warm and enjoy these crafts with your kids!

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