Tell me about how most families handle Nannies transporting their children, in carpool and to activities.

Tell me about how most families handle Nannies transporting their children, in carpool and to activities.

Having a nanny for your children will probably mean having your nanny drive your kids to activities, or driving them to and from school. You need to make sure you hire a nanny, you can trust to drive your children around in the safest manner possible. This means having a current driving check completed on the nanny you are hiring. Which Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency includes in our background checks. Also here is a check list of questions to ask before hiring your nanny.

  • Do you have any tickets?
  • Do you have any driving restrictions on your license?
  • Do you ever text and drive?
  • Do you ever talk on the phone and drive?
  • Is your insurance up to date?
  • Do you know how to properly install a car seat?
  • Do you know how to properly secure a child in a car seat?
  • is the maintenance on your car up to date?

After you get a complete driving check and ask these questions you can decide wether you are comfortable with the nanny driving your children around. Remember that your nanny should have the best safety interest for your children and themselves. Even the most careful drivers can be involved in accidents. Having a good driving record shows that the nanny has had good judgement on the road in the past.


Also always ensure that your children are correctly placed in their car seat. This means proper installation of their car seats, and their harnesses properly fastened. You should always go over the proper way to put your children on their car seats. We also just posted an article from the today show on Facebook that says heavy coats are a danger while children are in their car seats. Please be aware bulky coats allow a lot of space between your child’s body and their harness. Always be vigilant of the latest car seat safety news.


The other biggest thing for the family and nanny is reimbursement for mileage, or paying for gas. We have seen this done several different ways. Family’s can reimburse their nanny for miles they drive for work, by paying the 2014 IRS mileage rate of .56 per mile. The other option is to give your nanny a expense account, where the nanny gets gas as needed. Another option I have seen is family’s offering gas cards to their Nannies to help pay for gas. Whatever way you choose, it is important to reimburse your nanny for miles traveled while transporting your children, or running errands.

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