Holiday Bonus and Gift Ideas

Holiday Bonus and Gift Ideas

At the end of the year and the holiday time, is the most common time for families to pay nannies and domestic workers a performance based bonus. This should be paid to your nanny based on performance and longevity. This shows your nanny or domestic employee how much you appreciate them, and thanks them for all of their hard work. The industry standard for annual bonuses paid to a nanny or domestic employee equals 1-2 weeks of pay. In addition to a bonus, most families typically gift the nanny a small gift in addition to a bonus, to thank them for a job well done.

Nanny and Domestic Employee Gift Ideas

While gifts aren’t required, they are a very nice way to show love and appreciation. It’s also a great way to show thanks to a nanny or domestic employee who has been extra special and helpful to you throughout the year.

We have put together a list of gift ideas below. We encourage you to shop local whenever possible.

  • Gift cards to local stores and restaurants: Support a local business while thanking your Nanny for a job well done.
  • Consider experience or annual gifts: Memberships, annual subscription boxes, or lessons on something your nanny is interested in.
  • Create a gift basket: Add self care items, coffee, wine, snacks, fuzzy socks, jewelry, a soft blanket, gift cards, books, movies, candles, etc. 
  • A gift from Oprah’s Favorite Things List: Everyone loves Oprah and she still puts out her Favorite Things List on Amazon. There are some great gift ideas on that list every year.
  • Give the gift of relaxation: Make a self care/spa basket for your nanny to have a spa day at home. Or a gift card to a spa following guidelines to reduce the spread of Covid-19.
  • Car detailing: If your nanny uses his/her vehicle for work. Buying a car wash package for the year, or having it detailed and cleaned of crumbs is a great gift idea. 
  • A Kindle and/or Kindle Gift Card: To enjoy reading in their down time. They can use a Kindle to read all kinds of books and as a tool for continuing education reading books on child development books/articles. 
  • A fitness tracker or Apple Watch: For him/her to track their steps and to stay active.
  • Fun nanny gear: There are lots of nanny themed products out there. From Amazon to Etsy you can always find fun nanny themed mugs, bags, cups, journals, and everything in between.
  • Nanny Bag: Ever watched Mary Poppins and her magical bag? Nannies love totes and nanny bags to carry all their fun things to work and when outside of work.
  • Craft or personalized item made by your children: A photo album of the year they’ve had, an ornament with their handwriting, or a coffee mug with your child’s holiday photo, or photo of your child and the nanny (for Nanny fuel).  
  • Movie Theater Gift Card: If your nanny or domestic employee is a movie buff, a gift card to the movies might be an awesome gift for them.
  • Concert tickets: Does your nanny or domestic employee have a passion for music or the arts? Buying them tickets to their favorite local concert or show would be a awesome idea. Supporting the performing arts, while thanking your nanny or domestic employee is always a great idea.

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