Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday


Today is giving Tuesday, which is o every year observed the Tuesday after Thanksgiving every year. At Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency we are dedicated to give back to our community any way we can. Therefore this giving Tuesday we have decided to donate to a local charity and a nanny that is in need of some support. Both are close to our heart and community. To read more about the charity and nanny we are donating to scroll down. We encourage each of you to consider how you could give back to your community this year. Whether big or small, giving back always makes a difference in people’s lives that really need the support. We hope you and your family are able to give back this holiday season.

Karing 4 Kristen

Karing 4 Kristen

Kristen Holstead is a nanny that interviewed with our agency this summer. Kristen is a professional, she is experienced in nannying and teaching, and seems to have a heart of gold. Kristen almost was placed through Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency, until she landed a job as a teacher late this summer. Throughout the interview process, I got to talk to Kristen a lot and was so happy she was following her career path, even if it wasn’t as a nanny. We kept in touch her and there, after she started her job as a teacher and a few months ago I found out that Kristen had been diagnosed with Stage 2A Nodular Schlerosis Classic Hodgkin Lymphoma, a type of adult Lymphoma that is treatable. Kristen is on I believe her 3rd of 8 chemotherapy treatments to fight this Lymphoma. She also had to quit teaching due to her illness, as a simple cold or flu could land her in the hospital. Her and her husband have created a Gofundme page, in response to everyone asking how they could help. This money will go to help pay medical bills for Kristen’s care. We know that she is a fighter and will fight this Lymphoma. We are praying for her and cheering her on for a fast and speedy recovery. If you would like to learn more about Kristen and want to chip in please visit:

If you would like to learn more about Kristen and want to chip in please visit: Karing 4 Kristen

Pierce’s Project 

     Pierce’s Project was started by a former nanny friend of ours, Lindsay Franks. She had her son pierce who was a micro-premie born at 23 weeks gestation. Since then Pierce has had his struggles with different health issues off and on, but with the love of his parents, doctors, nurses, and his community he has persevered and is a happy, healthy little boy. Pierce’s parents helped found Pierce’s Project to support families of premature or chronically ill infants before, during and after their NICU stay.

Pierce today, sailing the high seas on Halloween.
     Pierce’s Projects mission is to offer love and support to other families facing similar situations. Lindsay and her husband  Nik were blessed to have  a lot of support from friends and family along the way and felt that starting Pierce’s Project was a way for them to give back. Pierce’s Project is a non-profit fund, managed by Novant Healthcare Foundation which serves families of micropreemies and chronically ill infants at all stages of their journey- before, during and after NICU stays. Since their launch in April of 2012, Pierce’s Project has grown to consist of a board of 15 members who are all passionate about supporting families of micropreemies in the greater Charlotte area. One of the things Pierce’s Project does is makes care packages that can be found at the two major children’s hospitals: Novant’s Hemby Children’s Hospital and CMC’s Levine Children’s Hospital.  Each year approximately 250-300 micropreemies (babies born under 27 weeks and/or 2 lbs) are born in Charlotte. It is Pierce’s Project’s hope that each and every one of their families will find support in Pierce’s Project. Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency will be donating to Pierce’s Project today on giving Tuesday and we hope you would consider donating to them as well. Great or small any amount counts. Thank You for considering donating to Pierce’s Project along with us on this Giving Tuesday.
For more information and to donate to Pierce’s Project please go to this link: Pierce’s Project

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