Family Fun and Children’s Nutrition Month

Family Fun and Children’s Nutrition Month

Family Fun and Children’s Nutrition Month

August is Family Fun Month– the perfect chance to take a break and enjoy time with the kids before they return to school. There are endless opportunities for fun family moments! Some great ideas for family fun month include:

Visiting Carowinds, the White Water Center, Truist Field, or Discovery Place. 

Having a picnic in your backyard, the playground, or your local park. 

Walking or Hiking the Rail Trail, Greenway, or Crowders Mountain. 

Spending the day enjoying the lake, the pool, or a splash pad. 

Beating the heat with ice cream at Jenni’s, Popbar, Nineties, or Golden Cow.

August is also Kids Eat Right Month. Starting good eating habits young is so important for children to have a healthy relationship with food and to prevent childhood obesity. A healthy diet can also help the immune system, ward off diseases, and make it easier to focus. The beginning of the school year is a great chance to start some new mealtime routines. Here are some tips to promote eating right.

1. Eat as a family and be a good role model. Offer healthy options, encourage children to try new foods, let them help in the menu planning and meal prepping. 

2. Have good choices available and accessible. Cut/wash fruits and veggies after grocery shopping so they are ready to eat. Other healthy snacks include string cheese, yogurt, whole-grain crackers, and nuts. 

3. Limit sugary cereals and snacks. Save these for a special occasion or reward.

4. Be wary of sodas and juice. Water is always a better alternative. 

We hope you enjoy the end of the summer and that the school year gets off to a great start for everyone!

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