Carolina Super Nanny 2022

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency is proud to announce the winner of the Sixth Annual Carolina Super Nanny Award! The winner is……….Drum roll please …….Renee Curler!! We could not be more thrilled for Renee, and invite you to join us in congratulating her on winning this award, for her dedication to her career, and the nanny industry as a whole.

We want to thank everyone who submitted nominations for the Carolina Super Nanny Award this year. If you did not win this award this year, we look forward to your nomination being submitted again, and considering you for our 7th annual award next year. 

A Little Bit About Renee and Why She is Our Carolina Super Nanny for 2022

Renee is a Career nanny here in Charlotte, NC. She has dedicated her career to the nanny industry and is a true professional. Renee has great reviews from the families she has worked with, and is currently working with. They all feel that Renee is and has been the BEST nanny for their families. Renee is involved in the Nanny Community as a whole. She attends continuing education trainings, both locally and nationally. She also proactively takes the lead to coordinate networking meetups for nannies surrounding these events. 

Renee has been working in the industry for 12 years and counting, and is a dedicated career Nanny. Renee is going through the Newborn Care Solutions training in hopes to be a certified NCS one day, and has Doula training as well (Not Certified). Renee is passionate about her career, and is always looking into continuing education opportunities, and ensuring she is staying up to date on industry standards and norms. Renee also is passionate about advocating and elevating the nanny industry as a whole, through participating in events, trainings, and activities in the local and national nanny communities. 

Renee’s current nanny family highly recommended her for this award. The family feels that she has done, and continues to do an amazing job for their family. They truly appreciate her hard work and her daily dedication to her career and their family. Her family feels that she truly deserves and has earned this recognition and award. They would like to thank her for her time and dedication to their family, and congratulate her for winning this award! 

Also, a nanny in the Community wrote the following about Renee:

Renee is someone who has such a fun outgoing personality, and she is always reaching out to others. She is always going out of her way to try and meet other nannies. She helps to plan fun meetups to connect and get to know our nanny community, or simply to make new friends. She has not only helped me personally several times with moving, packing, painting, and many other random tasks, but she really has been there for guidance if I needed help with job related questions or professional advice. She is super knowledgeable when it comes to being a nanny, and continues to further her nanny career with ongoing childcare related training and continuing education. She is patient, and always coming up with fun activities to do with her nanny children. She is a wonderful friend and fellow nanny and highly deserving of this award!

We are so excited to present our 6th annual Carolina Super Nanny Award to Renee. She has truly proved that she is a fantastic career nanny, and is dedicated to the nanny industry. We feel so lucky to have her in our local nanny community. We enjoyed surprising Renee this morning and we hope she is able to take a moment and celebrate this award and recognition. Congrats again Renee!! 

A special Thank you goes out to Card My Yard South Charlotte for assisting us yearly in surprising our Carolina Super Nanny!

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