Virtual Story Time: Anxious Ellie

We hope you are having a great Wednesday! We are back again this week with our Virtual Story Time. This week we are reading several books Corduroy’s Shapes, Anxious Ellie (our featured book), and Giraffe Problems. These books are all great books for children and we are excited to share them with you.

About Anxious Ellie

Ellie the elephant loves to draw pictures, host tea parties, and nibble on delicious, buttery biscuits. What she does not love, however, is mud. In fact, the mere thought of mud gives her nightmares! Poor Ellie feels left out when all the other elephants go outside to play in the mud puddle. Sometimes, she feels so mad and so sad, it makes her cry. This is an awesome book to teach children how to cope with any anxieties they may be feeling.

About Danielle Marie Price

Our featured book of the week is Anxious Ellie. Anxious Ellie was written by local mom and author Danielle Marie Price. Danielle is a mom of two and lives in Charlotte with her two children and husband. She has her BA in Creative Writing from Queens University. She is committed to practicing Yoga daily and is deeply devoted to Taco Tuesday.

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