American Girl Doll Store Charlotte NC

American Girl Doll Store Charlotte NC

     As Charlotte’s Best Nanny agency has been out and about this summer we have been able to spend sometime at a few fun places. One of the most exciting new places for children that we have tried out is the American Girl Doll Store. This store is located in the Macy’s wing of South Park Mall. And is any little girl or boys dream, if they are into playing with dolls. I was able to take my cousin’s 5 year old daughter with me for a afternoon of dolls, fun, and a special dinner in the american girl cafe.

     To say the least I was impressed by the store, staff and cafe. The store is a wonderfully organized and displayed store, featuring all of your favorite American Girl Dolls and their accessories. They also have sections where you can pick out a doll that looks like you or your child, and a Bitty Baby section, including a twin section. The store also features a full service Doll Salon, with many hair styles to pick from, a custom T-Shirt shop for you and your doll,  and a Doll Hospital Check In Station, if your doll needs to be sent off for repair.  We were so impressed with the store we were excited to try the cafe experience out. The Cafe was very impressive, I knew to expect a cute and well organized store. As for the cafe I was expecting it to be pricey and not much food. I was pleasantly surprised that the items on the menu were very affordable, and the adults got enough food on their plates to not be hungry afterwards. The dessert was delicious as well, we went for the chocolate chip skillet cookie sundae, it was to die for. Here is a link to the menu: Sample Menu (menu items run from 4-15 dollars) If you have a chance to experience the American Girl Doll Store in Charlotte NC at South Park we encourage you to do so. We know many girls and boys in Charlotte would love the experience. For more on our fun at American Girl please check our gallery out below, and if you are looking for more in depth information you can visit American Girl’s website at this link: American Girl Website

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