What is a House Manager?

What is a House Manager?

What is a House Manager?

A house manager is responsible for handling the daily operations of a house and responding to the home owner’s needs. House Managers typically supervise and manage daily tasks around the home. These tasks would include things such as setting appointments for home repairs and maintenance, supervising household staff, keeping an inventory of the house and restocking things as needed, organizing tasks, running errands, grocery shopping, watering plants, transporting children to appointments, managing bills as needed, managing schedules, scheduling travel, pre and post travel help, taking vehicles in for routine maintenance and other tasks as assigned. The ideal skill set needed to be successful in this profession includes good communication, responsible, organization, the ability to anticipate the family’s needs, being proactive, leadership capabilities, and maintain high confidentiality standards at all times. 

Skills needed to succeed:

Communication is a skill needed in any management position and one of the most important aspects of this job. House managers must be able to create clear and open lines of communication between themselves and the home owner, to ensure that all needs are handled quickly and efficiently. The house manager is the point of contact for outside businesses and service providers, so it’s imperative that the House Manager clearly communicate with the homeowners about any needs the home or family may have. 

A good house manager must be responsible. They will be in a role where the family and home vendors depend on them for guidance. A House Manager has a huge responsibility to care for the home as if it was their own. It is important to be responsible in taking care of tasks in a timely fashion and delegate assignments clearly to others as needed for the completion of house-related projects.

House Managers must be organized. They are responsible for maintaining and documenting everyday operations, such as maintenance and food services, and questions/concerns from house members and staff. Multitasking is key! It is important that a House Manager is able to keep the home and family organized. Organization includes organizing the home, the family/home’s schedule, and the needs of the home. Deadlines must be met efficiently and effectively.

Anticipating the home and family’s needs is imperative when it comes to House Management. A great House Manager should get to know the needs of the home and family. Once they know what the routine needs of the family and home are, they should be able to proactively take care of routine tasks around the home and for the family.

Leadership is an important skill house managers must have. The home members and staff will look to the house manager as a point of authority on all house-related issues, so they must be a strong leader who can command respect. This quality is especially important when managing a house with students or younger individuals.

Lastly, a house manager might be privy to sensitive personal information, such as medical files or financial history. That being said, discretion is a must when house managing. Homeowners trust that the house manager will keep all information private. Confidentiality is very important in this relationship.

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