Valentine’s Day 2017


     Valentine’s Day is Tuesday the 14th, 2017. That’s right Valentines Day is next Tuesday! We can not believe it is already Valentine’s Day, the first part of this year has flown by. At Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency we try to find fun crafts, activities, and ways to teach the kids about Valentines Day, and fun ways to celebrate a love-filled holiday. Below you will find a few crafts, activities and ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day and at the bottom of this blog you will find a Special Valentine’s Day message from Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency.

Valentine’s Day Crafts has put together a list of fun Valentine’s Day crafts to do with the children. Visit the link below and try one of these fun crafts today.

Valentine’s Crafts for kids


Valentine’s Day Outings

Fun 4 Kids Charlotte has published a great list of events for kids and families in Charlotte. Check the list out at the link below and try to attend one of these fun Valentine’s Day events in our community.

Valentine’s Day Events

Valentine’s Day Conversation Prompts

     Our friend’s over at Macaroni Kid South Charlotte shared a article from one of their national publications about having a conversation heart prompt jar. All you need for this project is a jar, paper hearts (Let the kids cut them out), pens and a bunch of ideas for conversation starters with your family. For more information on this awesome Valentine’s Day idea, please visit their website below.

Heart Conversation Prompts

A way to give back on Valentine’s Day

     We are always looking for a way to give back to the community. When we read a article that the today show had posted about sending Valentine’s cards to children in the hospital, I thought that was a great way we could all give back. The article from the today show talked about sending a card to children at L.A.’s Children hospital with links to fun Valentine’s cards to pick from and have sent to kids in their hospital. If you had time this would be a great way to show your children love, and how to give back to the community and send love to a child that needs it the most. Also you can send cards to children at our local hospitals, at Levine’s Children’s Hospital and others around the area. Just call your preferred hospital and see how you can get cards delivered to their patients. We will be sending some ourselves. You can read the article below:

Send Cards to Kids in The Hospital

 Valentine from Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency


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