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It’s the middle of the night and your toddler wakes up crying, feverish, and pulling on his ear. What do you do now? Do you rush to the emergency department hoping you can be seen by morning? What are your options? What if you could contact your pediatrician right away over the phone and have your little one taken care of in your regular doctor’s office the next morning? This is just one example of the amazing benefits of having a membership with Signature Pediatrics in Charlotte, NC.

Signature Pediatrics is the first and only concierge pediatric practice in the Charlotte. They are partnered with Signature Healthcare, the premier concierge medical practice in the Carolinas, providing executive level care since 2003. They offer 24/7 access 365 days a year, minimal to zero wait times, same day appointments and ‘virtual visits’ via video chat or phone. They have a very low patient-to-doctor ratio which allows them more time to address all aspects of your healthcare personally, providing thorough, unhurried doctor visits on prevention and wellness for your child. Not only that, they also offer comprehensive in-office services including X-ray, IV medications and fluids, labs and travel medicine.



They have offices in South Park (Pediatrics and Adults) and Uptown (Adults) that are designed to provide relaxing, spa-like atmospheres. Charlotte’s Best Nanny had the privilege this week to meet with Laura N. Sinai, M.D., MSCE, FAAP and Holly G. Smith, M.D., FAAP. They took us on a tour of their South Park location. It was beautifully decorated and had a warm, inviting feel, unlike typical doctors’ offices that can feel cold and unwelcoming. One of the biggest things we noticed first was a small waiting room, about the size of a living room. The doctors explained that when patients come in they typically do not have to wait for their visit to begin in a crowded waiting area. As we were on our tour, a little boy came in and he excitedly ran right into his examination room. You can really feel and see the difference at Signature Pediatrics.

Signature Pediatrics is able to give a personal level of interest in each patient because their pediatricians care for fewer than ten percent of the number of patients most pediatricians typically treat. They encourage families to tour their practice before signing up for an annual membership. They allow you to meet with your pediatrician in a pleasant, relaxed environment which allows you plenty of time to address all your questions, concerns and your child’s specific needs. They truly make you feel like family.

Signature Pediatrics makes this all possible by charging an annual membership fee. This fee is in addition to your regular medical fees that are billed normally to your child’s insurance. The membership fee is generally not covered by insurance, but will return significant benefits to your family. They also offer the same benefits to adults right across the hall at their South Park office.

If you would like to meet the amazing pediatricians that make this all possible, or virtually tour their facility please see their website below for more information:

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