Nanny Holiday Bonus 2017


Nanny Holiday Bonus and Gifts

The holiday season is here, and that means that the year is wrapping up and it is time to think about a holiday bonus/gift to show your nanny how much you appreciate their support throughout the year. Many parents ask me if they should give their nanny a holiday bonus and what is customary. In this blog, we have broken the nanny holiday bonus down to explain to our families what is customary and some good gift ideas if you decided to give a gift in addition to the end of year bonus.

What should I pay my nanny for an end of year bonus?

A customary end of year bonus for a nanny in the US is one to two weeks of pay. That being said, we have seen clients give bonuses of different amounts throughout the year, whatever amount you decided to give your nanny is solely up to you and your family.

Should I also give my nanny a gift in addition to the end of year bonus?

Some families give a bonus only and some families decided to give a gift in addition to a holiday bonus. Whatever your family plans to do just make sure that it shows your nanny how much you appreciate them throughout the year.


2017 Nanny Gift Guide

  1. Starbucks gift card, if your nanny is a coffee lover he/she will love a gift card to Starbucks.
  2. Gift card to his/her favorite store, give your nanny the opportunity to shop at their favorite store.
  3. Spa Finder gift card, this can be used at many spas around the country and will give your nanny the opportunity to relax and find time for self-care.
  4. Gift card for a manicure and pedicure. This is great for the nanny who loves taking care of their nails and an opportunity for them to relax a bit.
  5. Gift basket with a few of her favorite things. I love this idea as it really shows the nanny you pay attention to her likes and are in tune with what she enjoys outside of work. Have the kids help and make it a fun project for them.
  6. Airpods This is an idea for nannies who love music or visit the gym frequently. Apples new Airpods will give your nanny a wireless option to listen to tunes anytime he/she wants to.
  7. Membership to her favorite Gym, Yoga, Spinning, Ballet Barre or fitness studio. With this gif, you have to know what studio your nanny goes to or is interested in visiting. We do not suggest giving a random membership to a fitness studio or gym. This also would show the nanny that you value their interest and it is supporting your nannies overall health.
  8. Tickets to a concert, show, or sports event in town. Does your nanny love live music, a certain band coming to town, Broadway Show (Blumenthal has lots of great shows coming), Symphony, Sporting event (Panthers, Hornets, Knights, Checkers)? A fun gift for your nanny would be two tickets to see whatever live event he/she is interested in.
  9. Food gifts are great around the holidays. The associates at stores like Dean and Deluca, Earls Grocery, and Reid’s Fine Foods can help you find the perfect food-related gift for your nanny this holiday season. Or you could order your nanny a food-related gift from places like Harry and David, Joe’s Stone Crab, or Dreamland BBQ. It would be awesome to order something that is special to their hometown to be delivered for the holidays.
  10. Ornament or other craft made by the children. This is a sweet and personal gift idea that your nanny is sure to cherish.


If you have any questions about holiday bonuses or gifts please feel free to reach out to Emily Miller, Owner of Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency at 980-292-1045 Ext 1

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