Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency- Why Work With Us?

Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency- Why Work With Us?

Did you know Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency serves both North and South Carolinas? We were established with one thing in mind, to provide the absolute best nanny and domestic placements for families in the area. We always extend our personal touch in working with candidates, as well as families to yield quality results. Whether you are a family, a nanny, or domestic candidate, we have the best interest of each of our clients and candidates in mind. 

We know there are alot of questions about working with a nanny agency. Here are a few that we get regularly. 

  1. Do nannies or domestic candidates pay a fee for this service? Would the agency take any  part of my paycheck once placed?
    1. No. There are never any fees charged or taken from your pay. And there are no hidden fees charged to candidates. Families pay the fees associated for the service. 
  1. What requirements do you have for nanny positions?
    1. Candidates need a professional resume, detailing 3+ years of experience.
    2. They must pass a reference and background check.
    3. Have reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license.
    4. Nannies must be CPR/First Aid certified or be willing to be certified before starting a position. 
    5. They must be willing to be paid via W2 and to sign a written work agreement. 
  1. Why do I have to be paid as an employee and not a contract employee?
    1. Due to FLSA laws in the country, Nannies are not legally considered contract employees in the US. We require all families to pay their employees legally by W-2 payment. Being paid legally has lots of benefits for both the employer and employee and makes it easier to apply for loans, budget for tax bills, and document employment history. 
  1. What taxes am I responsible for as a nanny/employee?
    1. Social Security (6.2 percent), Medicare (1.45 percent), Federal income tax, and State and local income taxes (if applicable). 
  1. How does your process work?
    1. Submit an application/resume through our website. Depending on your experience and availability, we will contact you for a pre-screening interview. After your pre-screening interview with our staff- we will build a nanny or domestic candidate profile, call your references, and submit your profile to potential families. If a family is interested in meeting with you, we will set up an interview. If both parties want to move forward (we believe this should be an equally great fit for the candidate and nanny or domestic employee, a job offer will be made and then a work agreement will be signed and you will officially be hired by the family. You would then work for the family and be employed and paid legally directly by the family. We are always here for you if you need any support throughout your placement.
  1. How do you vet the families that you work with to ensure I’m safe on the job?
    1. We spend time speaking with and getting to know families, just like we do nannies. We learn about their position, needs, family and other important details, to make sure we refer nannies to the best families in the area. We also confirm that the parents are who they say they are (to the best of our ability), and confirm basic information that the family provides to us regarding their location, contact information, and other important details they provide to the agency. All families also consent to us conducting public searches on them when they sign up for the service, to confirm these details, and to ensure (to the best of our ability) we are recommending nannies and domestic candidates into a safe situation. Safety of families, children, domestic candidates, and nannies is always our top priority. 
  1. What is your policy on diversity and inclusion?
    1. We understand families come in all forms and we celebrate the diversity of the families and the candidates we work with. We find value in and welcome all people, this is one of our core values. 
    2. We do not discriminate or tolerate discrimination in any form, including age, gender or gender identity, race, nationality, or sexual orientation. 
    3. We intentionally help our community and give back to organizations every chance we get. We feel that this is the best way to make a difference in the community that we work and live in. 
  1. Why should I work with your nanny agency?
  1. We are one of the longest running, locally run and operated Nanny and Domestic placement agencies in Charlotte, serving Charlotte and the Carolinas. 
  2. Our owner worked extensively as a Nanny and House Manager herself, is passionate about providing quality placements, and has placed nannies and domestic staff for 9 years 
  3. We NEVER charge nannies or domestic candidates any fees for this service. And there are absolutely no hidden fees associated to any candidates. 
  4. We always have your best interest at heart, and it is very important to us that both the family and candidate are happy moving forward with each other. We know it is not a one way street. 
  5. We require legal pay by w-2 payment and a written work agreement between all families and candidates, which protects you from schedule changes,  being paid illegally, increased duties, and denial of pay or benefits agreed upon in the work agreement.
  6. We advocate and negotiate for standard nanny benefits. The permanent positions we place for come with the following benefits in addition to pay, offered as “Standard Nanny Benefits”: Paid Time Off, Continued pay, Paid holidays, Annual performance based bonuses, and Paid mileage. Some positions also offer Sick pay, Health benefits, 401 K, and Sign on bonuses as the family can offer these. 
  7. The agency continually offers professional development opportunities like networking events, training courses, expert presentations, giveaways, National Nanny Recognition Week, National Nanny Training Day, and play dates throughout the year. We provide these opportunities to invest and provide valuable support to the nannies and domestic candidates in the area. 

Here’s an article from Charlotte’s Smarty Pants written about our agency. Our CEO, Emily, has a combined 20 years of experience working hands-on in the industry, including working as a nanny, placing candidates, and employing a nanny herself. This gives her first-hand experience in all areas of the nanny and domestic placement industry. Please keep our agency in mind if you are a nanny looking for your next position. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our process and see if we are a good fit for what you are looking for. Visit our website for more information. 

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